The Bonding Meeting

(This photo has nothing to do with the bonding meeting.  I just thought it was adorable!)

Today we drove back into the booming city of Cali, Colombia for our bonding meeting to see how Nora is doing.  We had to wake up at 6:00 am, WAY earlier than any previous day!  In light of this, we put Nora to bed early.  But before she went nighty-night, I sat her with me in front of the computer to use Google Translator.  It is a marvelous device!  I type in what I want to say in English and then I can either read it to her in Spanish, or push a button and a nice lady who can correctly pronounce all the words reads it aloud.

I told her that tomorrow is very important because they are going to ask us if we want to keep her forever as our daughter, and we are going to say yes!  I also explained that they will ask her if she wants to leave Colombia and go forever to the United States with us.  With head bobbing, she replied, “Si! Si! Si!”  She is so cute!

Also before she went to bed, I asked her to get her clothes ready for the important meeting with ICBF (social services).  She dug through her neatly stacked clothing until she found the shirt and pants that she arrived in the day we met her.  She also picked out the same sandals and sweater that were two of her minimal worldly belongings that she brought to her new family.  I didn’t really care what she wore!  Clothes choices are so not an issue for me, unless you plan to have your underwear stick out above your jeans…. THEN I have an issue.  As we were driving into Cali, I realized that she left everything that we brought for her.  I wondered if she thought she was going back?????  This poor child!  Does she understand “forever”?  Does she get it that all we have is hers?!?

This meeting did not go down without a mishap, as is common in the Crosby family.  While we were answering questions about what Nora is eating, how she is sleeping, how she is behaving, and if she calls us Mama and Papi (which she does)…. Keeve (affectionately also known as Heeve) deposited his breakfast into a potted plant in the hallway outside of ICBF.  NICE!  Makes a mama proud, you know?  Keeping the floor clean.  Totally thoughtful!  That’s my boy!

Now our papers are assigned to a court and we should finalize the adoption on the 15th of Dec. in the nick of time before the courts close for a month of holidays.  It’s two weeks or partying now!  Viva Colombia!

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One Response to “The Bonding Meeting”

  1. karen Says:

    The picture of Nora is adorable! She looks like she will be a fun addition to your family! Enjoy your time in Colombia – too soon it will just be wonderful memories.

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