Shower Competition (Why Didn’t I Think of That!)

In our home, our water bill is higher than it should be for five people with average water usage.  The reason being, we have a son who LOVES the hot water.  No names mentioned, of course!  This is his little slice of heaven… private time with the steamy water and the God he loves.  He has been known to take showers that last longer than it took Noah to build the ark.  Ok, that might be an exaggeration, but it’s pretty close!  We bang on the door and yell, “Are you almost done?”  To which he always answers, “Almost!”  We’re not quite sure what he does in there the whole time…. however, we do have proof that he once shaved his legs and another time, the space between his eyebrows.  He didn’t want a uni-brow.   Nothing has worked to speed up this child in the bath.  Until now.

I cannot believe I didn’t think of this!  Make it a contest!  The boys have decided that they are both the speediest shower takers in Colombia.  So each day one sits outside the bathroom with a watch and the other zooms through a thorough bathing, I’m sure!  Then they switch places.  The whole ordeal takes about eight minutes…. seriously!  The winner currently is at 2 minutes 2 seconds.  I doubt the effectiveness of these showers, but I’m not checking for dirty evidence.

I know I said this before, but I cannot believe I didn’t think of this five years ago!  This will save hundreds of dollars each year in water usage and water heating for my dear husband!  Now Rick can list the two best things that happened to him in Colombia….. his little princess and the shower contest!


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