Learning Together

Not only am I learning Spanish every day…. and having my horrible Spanish corrected by a 7-year-old, but Nora is slowly saying words in English.  She was keeping track of all her English words but once she passed 20 it was too time consuming.  However, “Good morning” counted as one.  Same as “How are you?”… one.  Every day she says funny little words that we would never think to teach her… like “Costco!”  and “Whattaryoudoin?”.. said as one word.  Tonight she asked me, “Que es YOUR ROOM?”  I said that, “YOUR ROOM es su dormitorio.”  She nodded her head and ran off to YOUR ROOM.

This week I’ve taught Nora how to use scotch tape, how to lick envelopes, how to open plastic storage boxes and how to  use an apple slicer and a waffle maker.  She has taught me that even when you’re seven it’s still important to match your socks, underwear, shirt, jewelry and hair clips.  She also intrinsically knows that you can never have too many notebooks with blank lined paper in them!  It’s so true!  She also knows that there is a place for everything and everything has a place of its own…. but her places change… often.  One day her socks are in drawer #3… the next day they are in drawer #5, having been replaced by a collection of marbles and Pez candies. 

Sisters… finally!

We didn’t show her everything in her room right away.  We left toys in hiding places and dolly clothes tucked away.  Slowly I’ve been letting her peak in new hiding places to discover awesome stuff… like a wooden train that hooks together, a box of marbles, a sleeping bag for her doll, and a HUGE box of PlayMobil under her bed!  Her excited expression is always wide-eyed accompanied by her signature, “GWOW!”  It’s wow with a hard G on the front.  Not sure where that came from but it makes us laugh!  We all say it like that now.  GWOW!

Last night was the ending of her first week in America… and it was her first night going to bed without tears.  We’ve come a long way, baby!


3 Responses to “Learning Together”

  1. Teri Joseph Says:

    Benjamin would love to come and play Playmobile! That is his favorite thing in the world!!

  2. Rachel Says:

    Glad everyone is settling in!!
    And I am so sad for her tears at night–but glad you shared that because I have been wondering how the kiddo’s seem to adjust at those times! I know it’s lots of changes for her.

  3. Stan and Val Rober Says:

    A beautiful family! Some day we hope to meet all of your family. V

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