OK, Back to Adoption News

I knew the follow-up visits would require some MORE paperwork.  However, I was happily getting used to the idea of not doing adoption paperwork.  All that ended with the arrival of today’s mail.  Here is my new list of paperwork for the re-adoption and follow-up visits: child protective services form, service agreement, MORE fingerprinting!!!!, financial forms, medical forms, two checks to write, and five photos for each of four visits.  Sheesh. 

We are hitting a few more bumps in the “Everything in my life just changed” road.  Nora is doing so well, considering that all she is familiar with is gone.  My husband is out of town for work this week and this has added to her stress level.  Everyday we count on our fingers the days until he gets home.  He doesn’t arrive until 11 pm tomorrow night, so I just added another day so I didn’t have to see her disappointed face when she goes to bed without seeing Papi! 

Tonight she learned the hard way that you have to eat dinner before you get chocolate cake.  She said, “Yo quiero torta” (I want cake!) more than 22 times.  I may be nearing 45 but I’m not deaf!  It’s a hard lesson to learn… and occasionally I break the rule myself when no one is looking.  However, this very determined little girl has met her match of strong wills with her mama!  When we first got married (six and a half years before we had kids) my mom bought the book The Strong Willed Child by Dr. James Dobson and gave it to me…. saying that I would need it some day.  Actually, she may have given me her copy!  Thanks, Mom.  I might have to dust it off!

One Response to “OK, Back to Adoption News”

  1. Jennie C. Says:

    Chocolate cake is my FAVOURITE breakfast food. :)

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