Once Upon a Time….

… my life was boring.  I don’t actually remember that time in my life, but I’m sure it had to have happened.  I wish I was back there right now.  This week consisted of: bridal shower at my mom’s house with my sister in town coordinating the whole shebang, my sister’s BIG 40th birthday party, my first class teaching Arizona History to homeschool high schoolers, AND…. drum roll please…. a snowboarding accident for our 14-year-old son, Austin, which added to my week: ambulance ride, hospitalization, ct scan (clear!), x-rays, confirmed broken nose, temporary memory loss….and concussion #6 or 7, can’t remember.  He slid down the icy hill on his face while unconscious.  Not fun.  He looks like he lost a prize-fight.  I’ve never had a child look this bad… it’s not easy or fun.  I won’t even post pictures because he looks so bad.  I think two or three layers of skin from the right side of his face are still on the mountain.  When you’re unconscious, you also slide with your mouth open… leaving large portions of skin from inside your mouth on the mountainside too.  Sorry to gross you out, but that’s my life right now.

Did I forget to mention that we’ve been home NOT EVEN A MONTH from Colombia with our little princess???

I’ll be back to blog happy things… like sunflowers, marshmallows and rainbows …. in no time!  Maybe even before February.

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