Gross Picture WARNING!!!!

Here is the cleaned up version of my son Austin on day #3 after his snowboarding accident.  I’m perfecting protein smoothies… and bandaging owies.  He says he’s not in pain and is not taking any pain medication.  He’s one tough cookie.  His memory seems to be almost all back, except for the accident itself, which is what the neurosurgeon predicted.  We go back to the doctor tomorrow for another follow-up appointment.

Here is Austin BEFORE!


No, that is not a self-induced lame haircut.  We are supposed to be keeping his hair out of the wounds, so he is wearing one of his sister’s headbands.  Kind of reminds me of one of the Three Stooges’ hairdos.  Yes, his nose has a hair-line fracture up between his eyes where all the swelling is.  I miss my handsome son!

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2 Responses to “Gross Picture WARNING!!!!”

  1. Jamy Says:

    I hung out with some skate boarders when I was in college and they had a saying: “Bones heal and chicks dig scars.” LOL

    • rixgal Says:

      Hi Jamy!
      Thanks for your comments. Thankfully, only his nose was broken! And he is already looking so much better on day #5! The swelling is gone and he only looks sunburned.

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