Routine…. finally.

Nora, our little Colombian princess, is fitting in so well to our family, crazy as we are.  One of her English sentences is “_________ is funny!”  Fill in a family member’s name when appropriate!  We do laugh a lot and that’s a good thing.  Laughter is healing.  Everyone could use some healing.

We are somewhat into a routine these days, being our sixth week home from Colombia.  Nora is still sad on days when she discovers Daddy is gone to work, but thrilled to talk to him on the phone.  THAT is one funny conversation to listen to… Spanish on one end and English on the other.  I listen and laugh. 

One of our routines is morning bath time.  I shower first and as soon as I’m dressed I get the bathtub ready for Nora.  Depending on how hurried our morning is, she may or may not get bubble bath.  Her bath toys consist of “the pirates who don’t do anything” from VeggieTales and their ship.  She plays while I do my hair and make-up.  Today she was scrubbing the soap up and down her arms when she paused and told me that her brown arms were no good and my white arms are good.  I explained in lame Spanish that I love her brown arms and legs!  I told her they are beautiful and they are mommy’s favorite color.  If she only knew how much I’ve spent on fake tanning beds and rub-on tans!  It made me sad because I didn’t know if it is part of a phase that she is going through…. saying the opposite of what is true…. or the truth.  She isn’t a whole lot darker than her daddy…. I wonder what she would say about his arms?

I didn’t plan on starting Nora with schooling until her English improves (or shows up!)  But she is so eager to “do school” with the boys!  Under duress, I purchased a curriculum for her in the coloring book section at Walmart… on clearance for $3.97.  Imagine how thorough it is!  Now she sits at the kitchen table with us fills in her pages with numbers and letters.  I pray she is always this interested in learning!  It will serve her well!

Anyway, lately we have more days full of smiles than days stained with tears.

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5 Responses to “Routine…. finally.”

  1. Sue Palmer Says:

    Cute photos!!!!

  2. Brandy Says:

    Linda. Thank you for your blog. We’ve requested to adopt a 4 year old from Medellin after waiting for 3 years, and I’ve followed your blog for most of that time. I appreciate that you’re realistic about adoption, and you’ve helped me to have a realistic appreciation of the joys and hurdles that await us. We’re waiting for our approval and final match from ICBF (we were previously approved to adopt through Ayudame, but moved our dossier when we saw our daughter’s referral), and hope to travel April/May. -Keep your fingers crossed- If you have any advice that you’re willing to share, please contact me. I know – complete stranger – kinda weird – but thank you for unknowingly helping me all of this time.

    • rixgal Says:

      Brandy, Glad I could help… I had hoped there were those out there waiting for Colombian kids that might glean from this mom’s blog! I’m sure you’ve seen my lists of what to bring and what I wished I had brought. LICE shampoooooo!!!!!!! Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with that! Waiting is so hard, but it’s over before you know what hit you. I still wake up some days and think, “Oh yeah, I have four kids now!” Even though you’re ready in your mind all that time… it’s still a shock. Do you have a blog?
      Blessings, Linda

      • Brandy Says:

        Hi Linda, Sorry, no blog for me. But email ICBF just requested my husband’s ex-wife’s opinion of our adoption. Really? They’ve been divorced for over 15 years…. Ick. Happily, we have social workers helping us work around and through the cultural differences. Meanwhile I’m buying size 2T clothes like crazy, yup – 2T, and she’s four, and they will probably be too big for her…

  3. numismatics: 2011 Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901-2000 | Numismatics Says:

    […] Routine…. finally. « My Sister's Jar […]

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