Another Sitcom Day

Late last night we got a phone call from a friend visiting from out-of-town, so we invited him for dinner.  I found a roast in the freezer and put it on the counter to thaw.  I would figure the rest out tomorrow (today).  I went to bed early, woke up early, and planned on an ordinary day.  Nope. 

We’re studying nutrition right now… grains and beans, to be exact… so for co-op the kids cooked up some beans and rice, much to my little Colombiana’s delight.  That didn’t go as planned.  The beans weren’t done until two hours after co-op.  The rice was not the kind listed in the directions and needed WAY more water.  Nothing worse than crunchy rice… okay, I can think of several things much worse than crunchy rice, but still.

Outside we went to have games with the bean bags my sons had sewn on the sewing machine all by themselves. (Does a mother’s heart good!)  BUT…. the child in charge of clearing the grass of the dog’s deposits had not done her job… in a LOOOOOOONG while, I discovered.  That doesn’t do my mother’s heart good at all.  After my dog doodoo duty, the games began.  One bean bag on the two-story roof out of 9 is not bad odds either.

Off to the ortho to get Keeve’s braces taken off!  What an exciting day!  I took pictures at home and in the office….. but it wasn’t the removal day after all.  WHAT?  Seems two teeth are “flaring”… honestly, I couldn’t see it, but I’m just a mom.  So two brackets were repositioned and two more months of braces are at hand.  Here are the pictures of the day Keeve was supposed to get his braces off:

And even in the office…. the assistant later told me she wondered why I was taking pictures.  Great.

I arrived home an hour earlier than planned to troubled news.  Friend #1 is in the hospital with breathing problems…  friend #2 went to be with her because her husband is out-of-town.  Friends #3 and #4 picked up her two children at their schools.  Friend #5 picked up Friend #2’s younger children from school.  Friend #6 was supposed to be picking up the eldest child of Friend #2…. buuuuuut, while she waited in line for her children, a fire truck pulls into the school parking lot and blocks her in.  Somehow the eldest child of Friend #2 found out and called my daughter to come and pick her up.  I wasn’t home yet, so she told her that she didn’t have a car.  THEN I arrived and saved the day.  My daughter took off in a flash to save her friend stranded at school.  Forty minutes later I get a panicked call from Friend #6 who didn’t know if the eldest child of Friend #2 was still stranded at the school.  While reassuring her that all was well, the phone dropped from my shoulder into the bowl of flour/sugar that I was mixing to make a cake.  Nice.  Never done that before!

Then my sweet hubby calls and reports that our out-of-town guest is bringing a friend with him….. perfect.  I’m serving a new type of cake “Pumpkin Phone Dip Cake.”  It should be good.

If I make it to bed tonight, one thing will have gone as planned!  :o)

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