Locks of Love! <3

My daughter has not had a haircut in many years.  But today was THE day!  She has measured and waited and measured and waited for her hair to pass the needed 10 inches so she could donate to Locks of Love.  For those who don’t know about this thoughtful organization, they collect ponytails from generous donors so they can make wigs for kids who have lost their hair due to cancer. 

I was not too sure about the whole thing (as you can tell)…… but of course I supported her unselfish wish to help others.

It was so cute in the hair salon when our friend Donna got out the measuring tape, hair cutting, dyeing and manicures halted.  All the ladies, stylists and patrons alike, silently watched as her hair was brushed and put into the required ponytail before the CHOP!  After the chop happened, all the ladies in the salon cheered and clapped their hands!  So sweet!

And the deed was done.  Larisa’s hair is darling at its new length.  I’m so proud of her for thinking of others!

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8 Responses to “Locks of Love! <3”

  1. Grandpa Says:

    What a great thing to do, so thoughtful, and she is still just as beatiful.

  2. Teri joseph Says:

    I love it!

  3. Barbara McLeod Says:

    She was beautiful before and she is beautiful after. Obviously she is beautiful inside as well.

  4. Cheryl Says:

    Your daughter is beautiful! I can’t believe I am finally getting over here to your blog. I’m having a ball reading through some of your old posts.

  5. Christy B . Says:

    I am so proud of her!

  6. Melissa Says:

    Awesome! I did this years ago but have never had the patience to do it again.

  7. nji Says:

    it looks amazing and so pretty before the cut! after the cut it looks amazingly cute and makes her look younger!

  8. rixgal Says:

    A follow up comment in needed here. We no longer support Locks of Love. We found out they sell the hair instead of making wigs for children. Now we donate to Pantene!

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