YUMMY Chicken Vegetable Soup!

I’m slowly figuring out how the Lord got us lined up with this little Colombian princess that is now ours forevermore. I’ve wondered about the match, because we were on the 5-6 year-old list and we were assigned a 7-year-old. How did that happen???

After a battle of the wills today over a bowl of chicken vegetable soup, I gained some insight.  This is what I imagine went down: when our little darlin’ came available, they looked intently into the eyes of all the mamas on the 7-year-old list and none of them had strong-will written in their eyes.  No drill sergeants available.  So they moved down to the 6-year-old list of waiting families and looked intently into all the eyes of the mamas until they saw deeply into mine.  They glimpsed an iron will.  They saw unbending nerves of steel.  They saw a mama who almost had three teenagers and everyone was still smiling.  Steel = Love sometimes.  They saw a mama for our girl, and we got the call.

There is an upside to nerves of steel, it’s called mercy and grace.  That’s where my husband comes in.  I remember him telling me one time as we discussed some of our other strong-willed children, “How will they learn of God’s mercy and grace if you don’t show any?”  Alright, already. (It was a timely reminder.)

As the battle of the soup went down, my 17-year-old daughter kindly offered advice from her own experience from behind the eyes of one of my strong-willed kids.  My little non-soup eater wouldn’t even bring the spoon to her mouth.  Total strong-will in action.  Larisa explained, “It’s because if she brings the spoon to her mouth, you win.”  I replied, “I know, but I always win.”  Larisa added, “She doesn’t know yet that you always win.”   Ah!  Brilliance, from another strong-willed child of mine.  So I asked her, being that she was so full of wisdom, what she would do in this circumstance if this was her little non-soup eater.  She jokingly half-yelled, “I’m only 17!  I’m too young for this kind of stress!”  HAHAHA!  I’m 44 and I’m too old for this kind of stress!

While the non-soup eater sat at the table several times in front of the yummy soup, we heard her mumble several lines in Spanish that had us leaving the kitchen quickly so we wouldn’t be caught laughing hysterically!  Here’s a few we could understand: “I like the United States, but I don’t like this soup!”  HAHAHA! “I am not going to eat this soup because I want waffles. Everyone else is eating waffles!” and  “In Sevilla, no one made me eat food.”  Aha!  The true answer.  We’re breaking some bad habits.

So after being heated up for the fifth time, hunger pains got the better of the princess and she ate the soup.  In my defence, the entire family ate the same chicken vegetable soup and it was pretty darn tasty, if I do say so myself.  After she raised the soup spoon to her mouth several times, she was rewarded with homemade waffles and she’s been smiling ever since.  See?  Mama wins.  Of course this completely drained mama and she needed a nap…. and Rocky Road ice cream.  THIS is why the baby weight never leaves!

5 Responses to “YUMMY Chicken Vegetable Soup!”

  1. Team Oyeniyi Says:

    I’m wondering if I will have similar experiences when my children arrive! Thanks for the insight – I might need it!

  2. Stan and Val Rober Says:

    Linda, are you feeling better today?Hope so. Val

    • rixgal Says:

      Yes, I am, thanks, Val. I’m not totally back to being myself, but I’ve been taking it easy for 3 days now. Saving my strength for when Terry and Jennie get here on Sat.! Can’t wait!

  3. djvriend Says:

    hee hee hee. I am glad that we aren’t the only ones with a “stubborn” child. Sometimes it’s so hard, but always so worth it!! Glad to see that things are going OK. We received a referal for a 7 year old boy and his 5 year old sister. We are excited and nervous. Happy and scared – yep, just a bundle of emotions. I keep asking the Lord “you are sure, right” because I now we are gonna need His strength.

    • rixgal Says:

      Congratulations on your referral! So awesome to know two more kids are coming home! Enjoy your last minute prep time! You are so right about relying on His strength! That is the only way this is possible!

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