Zooo-rific Week!

Other than two more cases of strep throat in our house (bringing the total up to FOUR!), we had a great week with our Canadian family here for Spring Break!  We played games, found geocaches, went to the park, did lots of dancing with the wii, went to the library (whoo hooo!)  the zoo and celebrated Jennie, my sister-in-law’s birthday.  Fun fun fun.  And I forgot to mention that we ate Martha Stewart’s cheese cake Oreo cupcakes.  We should have taken a picture of the joy on our faces, but no.  We were too consumed with pure joy.

We did take some zoo pictures, well, actually I am not sure who took these pictures.  I put the camera in the car and was surprised at the end of the day when I discovered 132 new photos!  Lovely!  Thank you family of mine.  (I was a little scatter-brained by Thursday.)  Here.  Enjoy!

Please stay tuned for fun crafts that I have up my sleeve!!!!  (Thanks to Jennie!!)

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