Post Adoption Syndrome

Past Adoption Syndrome.  That’s the only excuse I can come up with.  I’m simply not getting things done like I used to.  Meals aren’t planned… they just appear, quite haphazardly at dinner time.  The clothes aren’t being washed regularly… well, I guess they are.  They get washed the day after I don’t have anything to wear.  This usually corresponds to an un-named son not having any clean underwear either.  My Arizona History students hand in papers and projects and wait weeks before they get them back.  It’s not because I’m blogging either…. I’ve been lax at that as well. (I don’t grade papers past 10:00 pm or kids get grades they don’t deserve depending on how much ice cream I’ve had.) And my couponing has decreased… leaving my cupboards bare.  This explains a LOT about Old Mother Hubbard.

It must be the fourth kid in the house.  She’s an easy kid too.  No complaints from this adoptive mama.  However, she was incessantly talking today…. more than I was appreciating, even though she is practicing her English!  I called my sister-in-law who lives across the street and asked if my nephew could come and relieve me.  He did.  Thank the good Lord.  Nora and Luke talked to each other non-stop for almost three hours.  It is hilarious listening to those two.  Nora is using about 90% English and Luke uses about 5% Spanish, just because he can!  We were driving in the van and they were in the far back seat together.  Larisa and I were in the front two seats and we could not stop laughing listening to those two.  They’re like two old married people who don’t listen to each other and just keep talking over each other.  Good times!

Tomorrow is another day filled to the brim.  My backyard projects are calling to me in the night.  I know I shouldn’t be using my electric sander in the backyard after midnight… but it is so tempting.


2 Responses to “Post Adoption Syndrome”

  1. cd Says:

    OK, I stumbled upon your blog doing a search for Konos but I just have to say that your daughter is BEAUTIFUL. As one adoptive Mama to another, congratulations! And know that there are days when my daily life is as behind as you describe… plenty of them… and I have only one child, so don’t feel bad… just enjoy your days and do the best you can!

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