Last May we were camping at Lake Pleasant and it truly was pleasant… except for one thing.  BIRDS.  I’m talking about the big, ugly crows that are horrendously noisy.  So noisy at 4:45 in the morning, that their screeching pulled me from my slumber and my from my tent.  I am not a morning person.  Anger comes swiftly and vehemently when I’m annoyed at 4:45 a.m.  Searching for the biggest rock I could find (which isn’t saying much at Lake Pleasant) I took aim and hurled said rock at the pair of crows in the nearby tree.  Thanks to my days in softball, my aim is quite accurate and the birds left the area after the first throw.  The morning was quiet again.

Sadly, I was so mad that I threw the rock with all my might without warming up first.  Yes, you guessed it, I pulled or pushed or injured or tore some muscle or tendon in my right shoulder.  Although satisfied that the offending squawkers were gone, my arm hung limply at my side and I crawled back in my sleeping bag and tried not to cry. 

No, I didn’t go to the doctor.  That would have required a “I threw a rock at some birds” story that I was not proud enough to tell.  Each time I got a massage at the chiropractor’s office, I would ask the gal to go easy on my shoulder.  This was ongoing for eleven long months.  Pain in my shoulder stopped me from lying on my right side…. every single eye-opening night… for eleven months.

THEN…. a fly was in my kitchen.  I hate flies, almost as much as squawking birds, but not quite.  I got the bright yellow fly swatter and stealthily followed the fly’s movements around the kitchen.  Death was immanent.  Finally, it landed on the wall above the kitchen sink.  The fly’s time had come.  I jumped and swung the swatter with gusto and killed the fly!  Hooorrayyyy!  However, something popped in my right shoulder and once again, my arm hung limply at my side.  It was a bit different this time as the pain and limpness was accompanied by tingling that traveled to my fingertips.  Wow! 

Funny thing happened.  My shoulder stopped hurting after that.  Physio-Fly-Swatter-Therapy.  It works, people.

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2 Responses to “Physio-Fly-Swatter-Therapy”

  1. Star Forbis Says:

    Great story! So glad it worked. And I would LOVE to meet you for coffee sometime!

  2. Jennie C. Says:

    Oh my goodness – go to the chiropractor or physiotherapist next time – don’t suffer for 11 months. (Getting old sucks).

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