Twenty-Four, baby!

Happy Anniversary, Baby!

Yes, that’s years we’ve been married.  It sounds so LONG, doesn’t it?  And the thought that we could have a 23-year-old kid… I’m SOOOOO glad we waited six years to start having kids!  Our lives are a bit hectic at the moment with year-end school things, like band concert, choir concert, grads, etc.  So we are not doing our annual “get-away” for a few weeks.  I plan to wear more sunscreen this year, by the way.

We did go out to my favorite restaurant and I tasted my all-time favorite…. green corn tamales at El Encanto Dos (not to be confused with El Encanto.)  It was highly romantic… the hockey game was on the big screen as we sat in the sports bar end of the restaurant because we requested a booth.  We did the typical… get out the calendars and coordinate our schedules.  Rick did give me a hint as to what he has up his sleeve for our 25th Anniversary.  (It’s a secret, but I REALLY hope it works out!)

Here we are after 24 years of matrimonial bliss (well, at least 22.5 years of the bliss part. )

My school schedule is winding down so my blog time will increase here pretty soon.  We’ve had some exciting things happen lately, like braces coming off (finally), a first medal win in cycling, swim season started, darling cupcakes were made, and tumbling classes are underway.  More later.


2 Responses to “Twenty-Four, baby!”

  1. Barbara McLeod Says:

    Happy Anniversary to a great pair! May you continue to be blessed with wedded bliss!

  2. Star Forbis Says:

    I will be married 24 years in October! Happy Anniversary! <3

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