No more Bats on my Fridge!


Two years ago there was an article in the newspaper of Best Things To Do each month in Phoenix.  I cut out two of the suggestions and put them on the fridge…. with the hope of doing each of them… because they are the BEST!  One was to eat at Pizzeria Bianco… the other was to visit a colony of bats that live right downtown!  Rick and I did go to Pizzeria Bianco one night a couple of months back, but the wait was over two hours and we were too hungry to wait that long.  So, Pizzeria Bianco is still on the fridge.

In celebration of 24 years of wedded matrimony, Rick and I went away for a few days… not far… just away.  We were staying at a resort relatively close to the bat cave, so I suggested that we visit and view, because I’m a nerdy school teacher who is enthralled by God’s provision for animals in the middle of a big city (NOT including the ground squirrels who are STILL eating my garden… grrrrr.) 

In my hot little hand was the newspaper clipping with the bat cave location merely listed as Camelback Rd. and 40th St.  We arrived at said intersection to find a Fresh N Easy, Chelsea’s Kitchen, a dry cleaner and a gas station.  There were no signs indicating BAT CAVE THIS WAY —>  (Bummer.)  We started asking around and were pointed west along the north side of the canal.  I was not prepared for walking a half mile in gravel and dirt…. needless to say, I need a pedicure now.  I’m not sure what I was thinking, but hiking had not entered my mind.  More asking followed.  More pointing west followed.  We finally found a kind gentleman who knew exactly where we were headed.  Perfect.

The bat cave is actually a flood control tunnel that is two miles long.  It is huge… you could drive a garbage truck in there, if the gate was unlocked.  Our arrival couldn’t have been timed more perfectly.  As we wandered up to the top of the tunnel to read the signs, the bats began emerging.  It was cool.  The newspaper reported that there are 20,000 bats in the cave.  The signs reported only 5,000.  We figured it was more than 5,000… as I stopped counting at 476…and the stream of flying mammals continued for another 15 minutes.  The other end of the tunnel also has bats emerging… so definitely more than 5,000 Mexican Free Tail bats

bat cave_40thstreet.jpg

Don’t worry, that’s not all we did on our excursion!  We also ate out at two fine Mexican restaurants, did some shopping, watched some Glen Beck (FYI: Our family stands with Israel), swam and read.  It was most relaxing and VERY needed.  And there are no more bats on my fridge.

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