Minor Freak Out

Yes, it’s true.  I had a minor freak out last night.  I realized that in two-and-a-half weeks I will be starting the one and only year that I will be teaching all FOUR of my kids at home.  The reason this is daunting is because I have always used a curriculum that enables me to teach all or most of my kids at the same time…. Konos… the queen mother of unit studies.  This year I am teaching a Konos high school American History class, but then I still have so many other subjects that cannot be taught together…. like English as a second language.  And Geometry.  And Literature.  And Algebra 1.  And first grade math.  And… And…. And…

The plan is in place, I simply need to make all the schedules and calendars for each kid.  This is the most prep work I have ever done in my ten years of homeschooling.  It’s a bit wearing.  So, this is why my writing is dry… my blog is slightly boring…. ok, really boring.  But I promise I’ll be back to my old self soon…. maybe mid September.  If you’re the praying type, send up a few for me, eh?


One Response to “Minor Freak Out”

  1. Dad Says:

    I’m glad you are back blogging again. Now I can find out what is happening at your house, only a mile away.

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