Typical for Me!

Tuesday morning my terribly athletically addicted son got up when the first number on the clock was a FOUR… and went to “stick time” at the local ice arena.  When a seven appeared on my clock, I entered the land of the non-sleeping and hurried off to meet a fellow crazy homeschool mom to plan our brains out for the coming school year.  It was a good time at Cabin Coffee…. a quaint little coffee shop that actually made me feel like I was in Lake Tahoe for a few hours…. logging saws on the wall, logs sticking out everywhere… bears… lanterns… circular saw blades.  Very cabin-y.  When all that was finished, I went to Austin’s friend’s house to pick him up after their pre-dawn hockey adventure.  I pulled into the driveway and hopped out to knock on the door.  No answer.  I rang the doorbell several times.  There were no dogs barking, which made me curious…. that they would keep a collie outside in August in Phoenix.  A bit frustrated that my son wasn’t waiting for me with great anticipation… I called his cell phone. “Dude, I’m at the front door.”  “That’s funny, Mom, because we are outside the front door too!”  “Oh.”  Wrong door.  I was really close.. just one house away.  Thankfully the neighbors weren’t home.

Today my overly popular babysitting daughter was watching two little girls a few streets over.  She has watched these two for over a year.  At 6:22 pm as I was enjoying a Caesar salad with mushroom and olives and a delectable boca burger, the aforementioned daughter texted me and asked me to come pick her up.  I dropped my fork, grabbed my keys and was out the door before anyone could yell “Cowabunga, Dude.”  So I pulled up and honked the horn… just like a tacky date would!  My daughter did not appear.  I hopped out of the van and knocked on the front door.  This time the dogs barked like CRAZY miniature attack animals.  But no one answered the door.  Then I heard voices… coming from the next door house… and I recognized one voice.  I was really close…. just one house away.  Thankfully the neighbors weren’t home.

Typical for me!

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