I still have my eye on the paint!

Here is the list of what I STILL need to do before school starts in 17 days:  organize Keeve’s science stuff and go over his first assignment with him, find and set out a plan for Nora’s phonics, make a syllabus for American History (the class I’m teaching to high schoolers), find Keeve’s math and get that on track, order Geometry for Larisa, go with Larisa to the college bookstore for ID and book information, order Larisa’s math book, set up planners for Keeve, Nora and Austin, make a “Daily News” template for weekly handouts for Amer. Hist., buy printer ink, print out weeks 26-32 for Amer. Hist., meet with the other Amer. Hist. moms to plan our English and other subject (art, geography or Bible), register Keeve for band, get Austin’s physical for the golf team, one ortho appointment, one dr. appointment, and make a weekly schedule so my life flows smoothly like warm butter on hot corn-on-the-cob.  That’s it.

B U T….. I still have my eye on the paint for the living room.  Really.  I think I could squeeze in some redecorating in the next 17 days… somewhere.  It’s possible.  And I just know my school year would go so much more better (see how I need to get back into grammar??) if the front room was a different color and didn’t resemble a cave.  I haven’t even picked a color yet…. but I’m thinking it will happen.  Really.

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