Settlers of America

At the AHFE homeschool convention in July I spotted this gem.  It is my all time favorite game… but in the AMERICAN version!  This made my heart palpitate.  Maybe I even drooled a bit.  Usually in Settlers of Catan, you set the game board up with the hex-shapes each time you play, so the board is always different.  This new one is interesting to me because it’s an actual game board that doesn’t change.  The resoundingly cool thing is the resources, which are usually scattered haphazardly, are in the right places for the USA.  Wheat is in Kansas.  Ore is in the Rocky Mountains.  It’s a LEARNING game… and guess what we are studying this year?  You guessed it… American History!  WhoooOOo HOooooOOOOooo! 

So, I’ve cancelled school uniforms for our homeschool this year (hardy har har) and am using the money for this game.  It’s the only cover I could come up with on short notice.  It will provide HOURS of historical and geographical information for all of us!  YES!  Not many things get me this excited.. especially buying an expensive board game… but Settlers of America is so totally unbelievably coolio!  Don’t you feel envious for the high schoolers in my American History class???  I ALWAYS dreamed of having a teacher who let us play games FOR school.  I am that teacher.

One Response to “Settlers of America”

  1. Stan and Val Rober Says:

    I’m jealous. My American History teacher wasn’t much fun at all.

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