Headline Post

That’s all I have time for at the moment… the headlines of our daily life.  Here you go:

  • Larisa, my first baby girl, turned 18 yesterday and my last two days have been consumed with trying to act normal whilst planning a surprise party for her.  She was COMPLETELY surprised!  Happy Bday, Lala.  XOXO
  • Nora and I got most of the winter flowers planted…. petunias, snap dragons, geraniums, lobelia and some other yellow daisy-looking flower.  :o)
  • Austin was asked to join a bike team called Team Winded, a foundation that supports people who suffer with asthma.  This means he is SPONSORED!  A total blessing for us!
  • We bought a diamond-in-the-rough patio set with a glass-top table and six chairs.  They are that green/gray/tan aged looking wrought iron that is so shabby chic.  I love it.  BUT… I need to recover the seat cushions.  It’s all good.  I only have one project in line in front of them.
  • My creative sons made awesome skeletal glow stick outfits last night after GLOW, a fun night for the jr. high at church where they drop thousands of glow sticks from a helicopter.  It was awesome!

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