Thankfully November is Here!

When the scary ghosts and goblins start leaving the neighbors’ yards I’m always thankful.  Someone told me that Halloween spending is second only to Christmas… really?  We spend no money for Oct. 31st.  If the kids want to dress up and gather candy (that I secretly throw away in small chunks over time) that is fine and even fun, but we’re not spending a dime on costumes.  This drives my children’s creative genes…. as you will see in the picture that follows.

Austin (my personal favorite this year) was Nacho Libre, the luchador, in his stretchy pants.  He already had the mask and he made the rest of the costume from a blue t-shirt and a red under armor long sleeve hockey shirt….. AND the glue gun.  It made me laugh… several times last night.

Larisa (who spent her own money on a Goodwill dress) was Marilyn Monroe… not the scandalous Marilyn, she explained to me…. the musical participant Marilyn.  Sure.  Every year Larisa works a costume around those false eyelashes.  :o)

Nora (her FIRST Halloween!) loved being Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  She had never been trick-or-treating, so that was fun, other than her princess shoes hurting her tootsies.  Thankfully we live in Phoenix and it was warm enough to go barefoot!

Keeve (decided to dress up five minutes before we were leaving) went out to the dress-up box and pulled out the Yoda costume from 2001.  It’s a mini-skirt now, but the mask works.  He quickly sawed off a broom handle and had a cane.

November is here and I am thankful!

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3 Responses to “Thankfully November is Here!”

  1. Carmen Isherwood Says:

    Hi Linda,
    I came across your blog by accident and have really enjoyed all the Nora updates. My husband Ryan and I adopted Luisa and Natalia in June 2011 from Chiquitines through Childrens Home Society. Luisa is 8 and Natalia is 6. We have a 21 yr old in her senior year of college, so I fully understand the whole “having a little girl joy” yet again.
    Coincidentally, we were also assisted by Magnolia and stayed at the same villa from May 15 through June 11th. Our sentencia was signed June 9th.
    I cannot tell you how much we cried when we couldnt accept the first two referrals, finally accepted our little girls, and cried even more when we read their full ICBF history.
    We too have now adjusted into a routine, in spite of the major transitions since they entered our lives such as the move from downtown Chicago to suburban Texas only 2 1/2 months after getting them to the states.
    They are sweet little girls who love: being princesses, hugging their starved for attention beagle Spencer, eating ice cream and hot dogs, going to school, and watching Fresh Beat Band.
    It has been a struggle but we would do it again without hesitation.
    Thanks for your blog story.
    Carmen Isherwood
    Sugar Land,TX

    • rixgal Says:

      Carmen, Thanks for the note. We have similar lives! Do you have a blog? I would love to read about your family adventures.
      I’m always happy for families who were assisted by Magnolia. She is the best! Did you happen to meet the across the street neighbors, Juan Carlos and Luz Adrianna?
      Many blessings, Linda

  2. Paty Says:

    Both girls are so cute and the boys are hilarious (I love Nachooooooo!)

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