Snow Angels and Snow Balls

The Colombian princess played in the snow for her first time today up in Prescott, AZ.  In the morning I pulled out some snow pants and boots for her.  She was jazzed about the boots, but the snow pants were not her thing at all.   First she started to take off her jeans to put them on, but her brother explained that they go over your clothes.  This didn’t fly either.  Of course, this was in our balmy 74 degree house.  Her tune changed when we arrived to snow and chilly weather.  For some reason she asked for her hair to be tucked in her jacket???  Not sure what that was all about.

Next came the making of snow angels for the frist time.  I never realized how hard it is to describe the making of a snow angel until today.  She didn’t want her hair touching the snow… then I told her to move her arms up and down and she repeatedly raised them off the ground straight up and down. (She is good at following directions!)  Finally a kindly friend plopped down next to her and showed her how it’s done.  The result she loved…. the snow in the hair, not so much.

Then the snowball war commenced.  Nora loved throwing the snowballs and sneaking up behind unsuspecting targets…. but she didn’t exactly love being hit by snowballs.  I can relate.  I’ve been trying to teach her how to throw like a boy, but it’s not sinking in yet.  Lots of girly-thrown snowballs today.

So much fun to see the wonder on a child’s face the first time their little fingers freeze from making a snowman!  I loved that we got to share this day with Nora… and I love that God let there be snow in Arizona at least once in a while.

Lately Nora has been fascinated by eyebrows… and uni-brows… and snowman brows… awesome!

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5 Responses to “Snow Angels and Snow Balls”

  1. Jennie C. Says:

    Where’s the touque? Her hair wouldn’t touch the snow if she wore a touque! :)

  2. Jennie C. Says:

    She said she was too hot for a touque! Or snow pants. It was 40 degrees…..

  3. Linda Ann Says:

    OK, I wasn’t signed in and you must have been the last person here commenting on my blog. Wierd, still.

  4. Lynnette Says:

    Beautiful to see and I understand the thing about “firsts”! To see the amazement is a thrill. I wonder if God looks for us to be amazed at what He has done. Blessings, Linda! I am still in touch with our Colombian princess. She is doing great. Sorry you didn’t connect with her.

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