Yet Again…. Evil Knieval LIVES!

My 15-year-old son, who broke his nose and left the right side of his face on the ski mountain in January….. attempted a 360 on a bmx bike on Sunday and it didn’t exactly go down as planned.  Well, HE went down.  And the bike went down… but not in the 360 fashion that was in my son’s head.  We arrived home a few hours later and he announced, “Something’s not right in my elbow.”  It was swollen but he had almost full range of motion… no blue fingernails (we learned to check that the first time he broke this arm 11 year ago)… so we iced it.  He took two ibuprofen and went to bed.  The next morning, he asked if we would take him in to have it looked at (obviously by someone more compassionate than his parents.) 

Austin has a high pain tolerance, we have learned from various past experiences.  When the skin was missing from his face, he only took four Tylenol…. the entire time.  It just looked painful.  I took a few, just to deal with it. So I figured we should probably have it looked at by someone more compassionate than us, if he was complaining.

A call was made and an appointment with the chiropractor was scheduled for 3:30.  A few adjustments and all would be right!  Bam!  See, I am the caring parent after all.  The doctor took one look at the arm and sent us off for x-rays.  Seems something wasn’t right. 

Day #3… we visited a rather hip orthopedic surgeon (I just assume they will be 67-years-old when they are surgeons.)  I’m pretty sure I was older than this doctor by at least ten years.  Anyway, seems something wasn’t right…. the humerus had a chip off the bottom of it… and the muscles on the inside of the elbow were hyper extended, but not torn.  I was thankful no Christmas cast was called for!  Whew!  He’s in a sling and will start cold-lazer therapy today. (Whatever that is…. sounds like something from Star Trek.) 

Since my absence at the ER was more than 11 months, someone had taken my designated parking spot!  The nerve!  At least I got my frequent flyer card punched!


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