Christmas Blessings

Previously I mentioned Christmas blessings abounded in our home this year.  Please let me share.  It always brings peace to my heart when we see God’s hand in gift selections and giving hearts. Of course Blessing #1 was the wiener dog, who is still not home and still nameless. 

Blessing #2 occurred when my 13-year-old son, Keeve, and I were in TJ Maxx hunting for the perfect gift for his older sister.  Flannel pajamas were on her list, so we were painstakingly making our way through the night-wear section of the store when it happened.  An epiphany.  We came across a cream-colored flannel set with BOW WOW written all over them…. and WIENER DOGS.  They were so perfect… I did a happy dance in the nightgown section of TJ Maxx. 

Blessing #3 surprised me.  My eldest son mentioned that he would really like a leather jacket.  I gingerly explained that we were buying his cycling helmet and gloves for his new team…. and there wasn’t a leather-coat-amount of money left with his name on it.  He took it all in stride and his response made me proud of his grown-up attitude in the face of disappointment.  Two hours later my brother called and asked if my eldest son would like a faux-leather jacket for Christmas.  Love it.  They happened to find one that was 83% off, but were concerned that the sleeves were really long. My only concern was finding one with long enough sleeves for my long-armed son. Not only was he surprised, but it fit perfectly and he was thrilled.  Not wiener-dog-thrilled, but still thrilled for a 15-year-old male.

Christmas Blessing #4…. Nora asked for a Nintendo DS.  Normally, we do not spend DS-amounts of money on our children at Christmas.  We keep the focus on giving and serving… not asking for expensive toys or clothes.  However, my sister called and asked if we wanted to buy their daughter’s DS.  YES!  Not only is it pink, it was delivered!  Nora was more than wiener-dog-thrilled.  I think that might change once she can squeeze the little doggy, but for now, the DS is the BEST gift ever… well, with the exception of Jesus coming as a baby.

Some would call these incidents coincidents, but I know better.  They are orchestrated works of the almighty God who cares about the little things in our lives.  I hope you were able to see God working in your lives this Christmas season!

One Response to “Christmas Blessings”

  1. Barbara C McLeod Says:

    What an awesome God we serve! Thank you for sharing your Christmas blessings!

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