Oh yeah……

It was one of those days when I was kindly reminded that this life is NOT all about me.  Oh yeah….  It’s about others and God.  I’m not making healthy choices just for little ol’ me.  It’s for my kids, my husband, my friends, those I have the privilege of speaking to, and the neighbors.  I have this funny feeling that this will somehow shape my New Years resolution that hasn’t been resolved yet… but the focus will not be on me.  It’s all good.  A simple reminder was all that was needed.

Today I spent my Berean Bucks on devotional books to do with my kids.  Focus:  OTHERS.  BAM!  (BAM is my new word, in case you haven’t noticed.) Psalms, Romans and Parables.  I’m looking forward to learning together about God around the big kitchen table.  Makes my mama-heart glad.

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