300,000 TODAY!

Yes, in the next hour or so, the hits on this humble blog, My Sister’s Jar, will surpass 300,000.  The number is astounding to me.  Let me give you some back history… several years ago (I just tried to figure out what year it was, but I’m 45 and can’t remember things like that… sigh) I attended a writer’s conference in New Mexico where there were several seminars one could take in.  I perused the list and chose several… the ones I recollect include: contract negotiations, writing the perfect proposal, selling your wares to publishers, adding humor to your writing and narrowing down your pitch to elevator length.  Distinctly I remember reading one particular description that caused me to guffaw and roll my eyes.  Ready?  It was simply titled “Blogging”.  My thoughts at that time included, but were not limited to the following: Who would spend all that time writing for invisible people?  Who would read some random person’s ramblings? How do people even find “online journals” to read? And WHY would anybody care what a stranger is writing? What is the purpose of blogging? And so on. And so on.  That was during my PBL (pre-blog life).

Upon my arrival home from the conference, my husband and I met with a couple whose lives are engrossed with computers and programming and podcasts and tweeting and a whole bunch of other techy stuff I do not understand.  BUT, he explained blogging to me… and I didn’t stick in one little toe to test the water… I did a cannonball into the deep end of the internet writing swimming hole. 

Those questions I asked myself earlier about blogging have not all been answered.  I still do not understand exactly where 797 people come from in a single day who read my blog.  It is inspiring to me, and quite humbling, to be frank.  I often ask my husband, “Who are these people?” When someone comments, I get a little hint as to who they are… where they are from… how they stumbled upon My Sister’s Jar.  But those are precious and few.

My prayer is that people will be inspired by stopping here to live life to the fullest and possibly take a jump into some of my favorite topics: family, marriage, laughter, writing, adoption, homeschooling, being a Christ follower, raising boys, sewing, traveling, gardening, losing weight, traditions, America the Beautiful, saving money, and being a mom.

I’ll wrap up this bit of blogging hysteria with a meek and awe inspired THANK YOU, to my dear readers who keep coming back to read.  It’s for YOU, invisible friend, that I keep rambling on (and it is cheaper than therapy for me!)  XOXO

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4 Responses to “300,000 TODAY!”

  1. Nancy Says:

    How do I know if I was visitor 300,000???? I WANT TO KNOW!!

    I started following your blog when you were in the process to find your little princess from Colombia (I was in the same journey!). I felt in love with the way you write and how positive your attitude is. Keep writing, many people look forward to your posts!

  2. rixgal Says:

    Thanks, Nancy. The only way you would have known is if the counter read 300,000 when you visited. There is no way for me to tell.

    Did you get your little baby??????

    And your comments were smooth balm to my writing soul. :o)

  3. Kelly Hord Says:

    You’re my favorite blogger. Seriously. I’m sad when you skip a few days. If you ever take my more than a week off? I’ll be in need of meds…

    • rixgal Says:

      Kelly, you are hilarious! And I didn’t even realized you read my blog. I’ll work on keeping you off your meds. And btw, Hannah’s pictures of Larisa for graduation were AMAZING! She is very talented with a camera!!! Blessings!

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