Yet Another Rude Awakening

These past two weeks, I have been appalled, shocked and dismayed as I have investigated “Christian” colleges that my daughter is interested in attending and heard reports of several state universities.  I’m not sure which surprised me more (albeit, I realize I’m a morally straight-up, nicely sheltered prude…. and proud of it most of the time) the fact that a professor at a nearby “professing” Christian college relayed to me that less than half the staff THAT TEACH at the college believe that the Bible is inerrant…. OR…. the fact that the dorms at the big state college here in town have co-ed dorms and BATHROOMS!  WHAT?  SO much has changed since our college days… oh…. my…. word.

With my daughter by my side, we introduced ourselves to a psychology prof whom she would be taking classes from if she attended the school we were touring.  He asked if I had any questions.  Boy howdy, did I!  My first one was about the professors believing the Bible’s innerrancy… second was an inquiry about his personal beliefs and worldview.  I didn’t reserve these questions solely to the psychology department…. I thought it was even more apropos to ask the dean of the Christian studies program.  “Most of the profs in the Christian Studies department believe like you do, Mrs. Crosby.”  MOST!?!  I’m more concerned about the few that don’t…. EVEN having a teaching job in that department.  Good gravy!

(Here’s my daughter with her suitcase packed ready to jump on the college train.)

My questioning ended with the Christian Studies gentleman with an inquiry if there were any required religious courses.  He quite satisfactorily affirmed that yes, all students must take Worldview.  (That could be good or bad, depending on what that prof believes!!!)  Larisa chimed in at that moment and said that she had already taken Worldview.  The prof asked what college she is transferring from.  She replied that she is a senior in high school.  He then cross-examined about what school teaches Worldview.  “I’m homeschooled,” she answered.  With eyes as big as the free frizbees they were giving away, he turned back to me and queried in disbelief, “YOU taught Worldview to your highschool homeschooler?”  “Yes,” I admitted a little more timidly than my questions had been delivered, “I thought it was really important.”  He actually shook his head at me.

After my questions were exhausted… as well as my little brain trying desperately to wrap itself around these ideas that are accepted by most now-a-days…. my daughter turned to me and said, “Wow, Mom, those were tough questions.  I didn’t know you were going to ask questions like that.  Good job.”  What was I supposed to be asking?  “Do you give scholarships for being really cute?” (I wish!)

I’m feeling older and more prudish as each day passes.  I’m relating more to Noah than to the world we are surrounded by.  In and not of, baby.  All the way.

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9 Responses to “Yet Another Rude Awakening”

  1. Charles Wolf Says:

    Well written. I can so relate, though our youngest just graduated this past year and we are just fine with being past that part of our lives. Our Kristen Joy (who also could have gotten in on a ‘cute’ scholarship) worked hard and held a 4.0 GPA just to make her daddy proud. And to stop him driving her nuts.
    But – what of the ‘hard questions?’ I was delighted to find that the faculty at Southeastern University was 100% pure and holy. They HAD to be because I went and did the same thing you did and scared the devil RIGHT out of them.

    • rixgal Says:

      Classic! We have a friend attending there and she has said the same…. they are all scared of Charles Wolf. haha. I was surprised to find that Answers in Genesis only recommended about 12 or 15 schools as true Christian schools out of the thousands they surveyed. WOW! Knocked me off my rocker for a bit. And I just can’t imagine YOU driving someone nuts to get good grades!?!

  2. Julie Says:

    Yep. Unfortunately, this is the case in nearly EVER SINGLE ACCOUNT I’ve heard of from my Christian friends that are sending their kids away to “Christian colleges”….. Sad, isn’t it?

    Tom and I went to Grand Canyon University — a decidedly Christian college…. at the time. Bible classes were REQUIRED ! Chapel attendance was required, and was ACTUALLY a chapel time — a time for spiritual food / encouragement / challenge / worship. Teachers (in every area of study) prayed before classes and were “there” if someone needed to talk or sought counseling for something. Standards were held for acceptable living in the dorms, in the upper-classmen housing, and even in the married housing areas. The Christian faith was studied, examined, held up for proving, etc so that when the “counterfeit” came along, it could be easily recognized.

    My alma mater is decidedly NOT a Christian university anymore…. Money is the new god there, and it seems that they will take anyone’s ! …..and this is coming from Christian people who actually attend there now ! Breaks our hearts, but I guess we shouldn’t be all that surprised…
    (Jude 17-19)

    Sorry that your experience was tainted. You are correct, my friend…. these are truly the days of Noah again.

  3. The Informal Matriarch Says:

    That is a bit odd about it being Co-Ed. Maybe you need to send her out to BC to go to Columbia or Trinity :D. They’re not co-ed :)

    Alllssssoooo a lot of the profs are going to have different views. The whole world she is about to go into is going to have different views. Listening to different opinions has help shape me in an amazing way. My core values have stayed very much the same but I’m a more whole person. Just a thought

    • rixgal Says:

      Good points, Leah. I hope she has profs that have different views…. but not if they are at a Christian college teaching the Christian faith. It saddens me that the schools are not sticking to their original statements of faith. If I’m paying for a Christian education… then that’s what I expect to get for my children. It is funny too that you used the term “whole person” because that is the focus at the school where she wants to go.

  4. Lynnette Says:

    Good for you Linda! All parents would do well to follow your example.

  5. Allen C. Says:

    I know it’s a long distance from where you are on the west coast, but Asbury University in Wilmore KY is a fine and very conservative CHRISTIAN school. I did not attend there but went to Seminary in the same town and would have no problems recommending it to someone looking for a more conservative school – they have NO coed dorms, and even have a curfew system in place for their on-campus students.

  6. Pam Says:

    We had the same experience over and over again while visiting colleges last summer. Sooooo, disappointing! I will add that we visited one school that was (in my opinion) too legalistic for our taste. There’s certainly a full range of options out there. Visiting and asking those questions is the only way to weed out the ones that don’t fit. Good luck on your journey.

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