Tuckered Out with a capital T.O.

April is not typically an unusually busy month for me, but THIS April wins.  Yes, I have a few things going on right now…. a few things on the go… a few things happening…. and blogging, sadly, gets pushed to the back burner on the stove of life.  Not that I don’t think of quirky little things that I would love to blog, just for the sake of being little and quirky.  Frankly,  (that always seemed like an unusually funny adverb to me… I mean, really.  Frank?  Me?  BAH!) tidbits of life that I find unusually hilarious are ALWAYS running through my mind… but computer time and brain functioning time have to coincide for blogging productivity.  Tonight is borderline.  It’s only 9:37 pm but I am beyond 9:37 pm tired.  My body is on East Coast time with no logical reason why.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been going non-stop for about 9 days.  Seriously… non-stop.  Was that logical?

We are in Monterey, California at the moment and just finished feeding my son’s cycling team who are all here racing at the Sea Otter Classic.  And as if cued by the music, the sea otters came and played in the water outside the beach house while the young lads ate dinner here.  Truly poetic.  Like another vacation to California a few years back, I neglected to bring the little black cord to upload all the stupendous photos I’m taking.  So no photo-journaling this trip. Sorry.

My sweet, hard-working, cute husband was not able to drive out with us due to his flying schedule.  He is flying in tonight.  (Mothers in the reading audience already understand my tired state.) For those who are not mothers, let me simply say that planning a vacation, taking four kids on a road trip along with my parents, feeding 23 folks not in your own kitchen…. AND finding five minutes of personal time is all a bit overwhelming.  Not so much that I am overwhelmed… just truly tuckered out.  My bed is calling my name this minute.

The race in the morning is at 7 am.  Yes, I usually don’t see 7 am.  That also translates to a departure time of 5:30 am.  I truly haven’t seen 5:30 in months, with the exception of two days ago when I awoke to start this crazy road trip.  Thankfully, we have three drivers in the family (minus the main driver who is flying over).  THAT saved my bacon on the 13-hour tour from AZ to CA.  I was so concerned about my shoulders freezing tight in the zombie driving position that I let my 15-year-old son drive on I-5 in California.  See!?  I was seriously worried about my state of health to let that happen.  I did, however, sleep like a baby both nights since arriving.  Tomorrow I plan to nap.  It will be divine.

A special shout out to my high school friend, Connie.  She knows what it’s for.  And that’s all that matters!  At this very moment I am wearing a sterling bracelet Connie gave me several years ago that reads, “A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart.”  It’s so true.  So not only am I tuckered out, I am thankful.  For friendship, family, love and my Jesus.  That is all.  Goodnight.

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