Headline News for May 2010

Once again, headlines and subtitles are all I have time and energy for at the moment.  Thank you, faithful readers, for still coming here and reading my blog when I’m bogged down and not blogging.

FREEDOM FOR SUBURBAN MOTHER – homeschooling is done for the year!  Whoo oHOoooOOOooooo!  Well, there are some lethargic children still finishing math, but I AM done!

INTERNATIONAL VISITORS SPARK SANITARY AWARENESS – that means my in-laws are coming for a visit from Canada and if you’ve got two arms and two legs and live in this house… start cleaning something NOW!

FIRST EVER HSG FOR AZ FAMILY– (kind of like HCG but without hormones) – we almost have a homeschool graduate!!!  Larisa’s graduation in next Friday night!  That means I survived 11 years of schooling that lovely child.  Neither of us have bald spots so we’re both pretty darn proud!

DESERT HORTICULTURE DILIGENCE WILL PAY OFF – that means it’s time to pull out all of the dead winter flowers and plant the summer flowers.

PHOENIX LIBRARY HAS RUN ON 1850 NOVELS – Yes, I’m prepared for my summer reading program to begin…. June 6th, baby!  I got four books by my bedside table making me drool with anticipation.

HARD WORKING CHILDREN REWARDED – That’s the nice way of  saying  that we made our children work to go to summer camp.  Some are still working. There is a car wash planned for Saturday and a garage sale on Sunday.  Keep it up, kids!  We are proud of you.

MEAN PARENTS FORCE CHILD LABOR – same as the last one, just worded like liberal media.

Ok, that is all.  I’m looking forward to sharing more when time permits.  Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!



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