California Girl at Heart

Northern California was my home from the time I was eight years old until I got married at 21 and moved to Canada.  We are back visiting my homeland for a few weeks… and I remember why I loved living here: green trees, mild temperatures, grass, the beach within an hour, flowers galore, and most importantly… friends.

Guilt permeates my soul each time I visit the Bay Area because there is never enough time to see all of my high school friends who still live here.  I try not to post our location on facebook.  I lay low on MSJ.  The only reason I write about it today is that we are leaving… and driving to higher ground, where I don’t know anyone.  Safety in aloneness. 

The other part of this particular vacation that we are all relishing is the Olympic coverage.  Without TV at home, this trip was timed perfectly for our viewing pleasure!  This is our first Olympics where we have three countries that we are cheering for… USA, Canada and Colombia!  I was SOOO ticked off when the Colombian’s entrance into the opening ceremonies were squished into a commercial break.  We never even saw the athletes, only the gal in the “faces dress” holding the COLOMBIA sign and the flag bearer.  NOT nearly enough…. I heard they wore the traditional woven hats… but I still don’t know what they wore!!!!  Google, here I come.

The four hour road trip is commencing immediately.  Peace out.

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