Family Meeting (really?)

Another Crosby family meeting goes down in the history books… August 28, 2012.  I informed all the family members that tonight was family meeting…. don’t even try to get out of it.  School is starting in one week and we need to discuss how things are going to roll…. and this is our last night together before next Tuesday.  We always need a week to let the new rules meld in our hearts and heads.

Nora, our 9 year old Colombian princess, was overjoyed that she was going to be involved in her first family meeting.  Her and I went to pick up her older sister at work and she glorious proclaimed, “Larisa!  We get to have family meeting tonight!”  Larisa responded, half under her breath, “Don’t get your hopes up.”  Nora could not fathom why Larisa was NOT excited beyond belief!  Larisa tried to explain that someone usually ends up crying at family meetings.  Nora’s quick response was, “Well I don’t cry at all that baby stuff!”  (Good!)

As it happened, today was also primary voting day and dinner was later than usual…. and a child was at a friend’s house… and family meeting didn’t start until 8:00.  Nora, again, was thrilled not only to be included, but also because this was way passed her bedtime.

We discussed priorities and how they should shape all you do in life.  I asked the kids to name priorities in their lives.  We got varied answers… love God, share God’s love, reflect God, remember the sabbath, be nice (Nora!  Love it!), family, unity, gaining wisdom, learning, reading the Bible, physical activity, friends, drinking water (this was from Nora, of course), eating, sleeping, music and work.  Nora also blurted out TV, ipods, video games and computer, but I explained that none of those are a priority. We summed those up to six main ones and each kid put them in order for themselves.  As they gave their reasons for their order (after God being first, of course) I exclaimed that there are no wrong answers here if they can explain from the Bible why this order is what they are following.  Nora said, “Wait.  You said there are wrong answers: TV, ipods, video games and computer!”  Yes, there are.

Rick and I shared that we haven’t been great at teaching them in several areas and we are aimed at improving as their parents. We talked about a heart of service, those who need to be served in our community, bedtimes, bedtime preparation times, wake up times, times to be at the kitchen table for Bible in the morning and satan cleverly deceiving families by separating them with wasted time and individual activities.  This may sound all good and glorious, but here are a few lines that actually were spoken aloud during our family coming-to-Jesus meeting: (and you’ll see what I am up against!)

From my husband, “What time is it?  Yogurtini closes in 20 minutes…. are we almost done.”  (Yes, he is the head of the meeting.)

Son #2, “Pigs don’t have beds.”  (really?)

Son #1, the mature eldest son, “Our room stinks because he doesn’t brush his teeth.”  (really?)

Husband again, “What are a redneck’s last three words?”  (wrong guesses)  “Hey! Watch this!”  (really?)

Son #1, “What are the three most commonly written words?”  (wrong guesses)  “Made in China” (where did this come from?)

Son #2, “What is the last thing to go through a bug’s mind as he slams into a windshield?”  My guess, “I won’t have the guts to do that again.” (wrong)  “His butt.”  (We don’t say butt.)

Please notice that these were all male comments.

And so, we embark on another year growing together as a family, sharing time together, serving others, having neighborhood group, doing school and loving each other, despite all the asinine jokester comments.  The meeting concluded at 9:45, in time for a Yogurtini run.

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