Bring on the Blackwell Books

In August, I traveled up to Washington state to help my baby sister sell her junk, pack up her treasures and get ready to move overseas.  Well, it was to Maui, but that IS overseas.  Same preparation needed for Hawaii and Thailand…. or the Negev…. or the Maldives.  Sort of.  Part of her treasures, that became junk and were not traveling with her, included a trilogy of books penned by Lawana Blackwell called the Gresham Chronicles.  I inherited all three.  Glory be!  Usually during the school year, this homeschoolin’ mama ain’t got time for pleasure reading, but Ms. Blackwell has me sucked into the vortex of Gresham, a quaint village on the outskirts of London.  Truly, it’s all about unnecessary fluff (well, except for the God parts) but I am making time for fluff currently in my day.  My schedule cannot go on until I know what Mr. Pitney has uncovered in his dig!

About a month ago, a child of mine caused me to get overheated.  Yes, I know.  ME!  The queen mother of control, to the untrained eye anyway.  I was so worked up I could’ve spit.  And I don’t spit.  Then realization hit that I had made a mistake…. yes, ME!  My child innocently was taking all the brunt of my accusations (without even knowing it)… until I realized I was wrong.  I was so mad that I went to my room, locked the door, laid on the bed and purposefully indulged in Gresham to keep my mind from blowing a circuit.  At that point, I started understanding why my grandfather breathed into a small paper sack occasionally.   It is to Gresham I turn for solace…. much like the boarders at the Larkspur.

Today I had some routine doctor visits… blood work, etc.  I brought my beloved Gresham Chronicle III to pass the waiting time in bliss.  To my dismay, the entire lab at 27th Ave. and the 101 were so highly efficient that I barely got through ONE PAGE!  Gah!  Don’t they realize us homeschooling mothers depend on them for our free time?  Our sanity breaks?  Our alone moments?

Go look up Ms. Blackwell if you have time to indulge in historical Christian fiction.  Her humor is inspiring.  For a FREE e-copy of the first Gresham Chronicle, check out this link: (Not sure if it still works!)

One Response to “Bring on the Blackwell Books”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    I will get right to it!!!!ove a good read.

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