Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Yes, I’ve taken an unintentional three week sabbatical from MSJ.  Headlines are indeed required to get the general public caught up on Crosby craziness.

PASSPORTS EXPIRING!  On a flight back into the States in November, I realized that all of my childrens’ passports expired and a Christmas vacation in Canada was commencing in December.  This created a flurry of excitement, passport pictures where ears had to show and a speedy trip to the courthouse.  The passports arrived in time!  Whew!

THE LAST LEG!  Our faithful family van that we have nursed along for all 212,476 miles was nearing the end of its happy life.  A 3,400 mile ROAD TRIP was in our future and the van needed tires, brakes, shocks, windshield wiper fluid pump and the transmission started shifting randomly.  We shopped around a bit and Nov. 30th was chosen as buy a new van day, being the end of the month and knowing that car salesmen want BIG Christmas bonuses.  The deed was done and we are driving the same van, just four years newer with only 46,000 miles.  We are thankful!

THE PLAGUE!  I never get sick.  But I did.  What’s up with that?  The 24 hour flu bug hit and held me in its strong grip for almost a week of feeling poorly.  Why is that headline news, you ask?  Because that was the week I was supposed to be packing for our ROAD TRIP!  My to-do list was four pages long… and the day before the ROAD TRIP, I gave up and just threw away page #3 in hopelessness.  Bad time to get sick for the mama.

ROAD TRIP! A three day drive to the old country was in store for Crosby Family Christmas 2012.  The weather on days one and three were fine.  Yes, day two brought two mountain passes, snow flurries, CHAINS REQUIRED signs, and temperatures that were hovering around 32*.  From the moment we left the driveway, a journal was started of the hilarious, terrifying, jolly and ridiculous happenings on the ROAD TRIP.  Our teenagers are quite amusing and witty.  They are fun to travel with now…. way more than the carseat-barfing-“I have to go potty” years.


CANADA!  So, it seems that you are not supposed to bring photocopied birth certificates into another country. The originals were securely at home.  OOPS!  We crossed the border at Sumas, WA and Nora was beside herself with excitement at finally seeing CANADA!!!!  As we drove across, she peered out the windows for approximately five minutes before announcing, “I thought Canada was going to be way more exciting than this.  It looks just like Phoenix.”  (Well true, minus the snow in the ditches, the frigid temperatures, the pine trees, Tim Horton’s, Canadian Tire, The REAL Canadian Superstore and The Bay.)

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!  XOXO

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