President’s Day 2013

mount rushmore

On any holiday that is not Christmas and Easter, my homeschooling students ask if they get the day off.  We do take off each of their birthdays, and MINE, obviously!  But Valentine’s Day is not a day off.  Neither is Groundhog’s Day nor the first day of any season….nor the equinox of the moon… nor any eclipse.  Nor the first day the NHL starts again after a strike.  However, President’s Day was granted as a day off IF the kids could recite the entire list of the presidents of the United States.  Didn’t even have to be in order.

We have a handy dandy Presidents of the United States place mat that re-arrived on the table during breakfast this morning, being that it IS President’s Day.  (Remember when we used to get off Lincoln AND Washington’s birthdays?)  None of my pupils have given their recitation of the country’s leaders as of yet… 2:48 p.m.

My 9-year-old was fascinated with all the “funny looking” men.  She asked how many of them I knew personally.  Um… none.  Then she asked if I was alive with George Washington.  Um… no.  “So how many have you been alive for?”  Good question. I took a gander at the place mat.  Nine.  I have been alive for nine presidents.

How many presidents have you been alive for?


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2 Responses to “President’s Day 2013”

  1. Lisa Darras Says:

    You weren’t alive when George Washington was president??? I seriously thought you were!!! If not Washington, then definitely Lincoln!!! Right??? JK!!! So were any of your students able to tell you all the presidents??? And can you recite all the presidents???

  2. rixgal Says:

    No, none of them completed the task. I did read through them all and my only comment was “If you asked me earlier today if I knew who Chester Arthur was, I couldn’t have told you. And I certainly wouldn’t have said a president of the USA!” haha!

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