It’s a Mother’s Day CONTEST!!!!

Come one.  Come all.  Step right up and enter to win a GRAND PRIZE for you or a mother dear to your heart this Mother’s Day.

What would every mother want?  A diamond ring?  No. (Could get lost while playing in the sand at the park!) A new MiniVan!  No. (Take it from my experience, after you hit someone in a minivan, they are not that great any more!)  A dozen roses! No (They wilt in no time, especially if you bought them at Walmart!)

Maybe something to bring joy to her heart.  Something to make her laugh…. and snort… and laugh some more!  Yes, you guessed it!  A Book!  YES!

my mom book

Yes, a FREE autographed copy of my book Laughing in the Midst of Mothering!  Every mother you know needs a laugh!  This book can be yours (for your mom if you aren’t a mom) by merely entering your name in the comments section of this blog.

You have until May 5th midnight to enter.  On May 6th, after I sleep in, I will randomly draw one name from the list and announce the winner here on MSJ.  I will blast the name for all to see.  The winner will have 24 hours to contact me with an address for where to ship the book.  If person #1 doesn’t contact me, I will draw another name on May 7th.  :o)

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28 Responses to “It’s a Mother’s Day CONTEST!!!!”

  1. Juanita Toth Says:

    Pick me!!!!

  2. Tricia Says:

    Looks like a great book. Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. Angela Says:

    Hello =) Angela here, thank you for the chance to win a book from you!

  4. Penny Wadham Says:

    Well, I hope to win! I love your writing! :-) Penny Wadham

  5. Jody Vriend Says:

    I am entering all the way from Alberta, Canada.

    Jody Vriend – mom to 6 great kids – I need a laugh :)

  6. Nancy Says:

    YO! YO! YO! Nancy! Nancy! Nancy! Please?? :-)

  7. Chris Says:

    Me, pick me, I want to laugh…. and snort… and laugh some more!

  8. Danielle Vincent Says:

    I think Danielle Vincent would love this book! :P

  9. LInda Patchin Says:

    I”d love to read your book!

  10. Michele Erwin Says:

    Michele (Risner) Erwin. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!!!

  11. Laura larsen Says:

    Me! Me! Me! Would love to win!! Laura Larsen

  12. Janine Bailey Says:

    Janine Bailey =)

  13. Tisha Says:

    I could use a good laugh right about now!

  14. Cheree Burleson Says:

    Hope to win! Cheree Burleson

  15. Kassi Hilterbrand Says:

    I’m in…Kassi ;-)

  16. Linda Wisniewski Says:

    Pick the one with the same name…me Linda hehehe

  17. Melissa Says:

    Me Please :) I wil read it and then pass it around to all of my mommy friends so that we can all enjoy it!

  18. melanie senn Says:

    would be blessed by this book! Melanie Senn

  19. Rebekah Cox Says:

    I’m Rebekah! Free books and laughing, great combo :)

  20. Star Forbis Says:

    Two things I love the most: Mothering & Laughing! :)

  21. Rachel Cohen Says:

    I live down the street so you wouldn’t even have to ship it :)

  22. 360finearts Says:

    Cathy Hurt! No pain, no gain! (Yes, I realize that makes no sense, but everyone else had a clever response, sooo….)

  23. Valeera Rober Says:

    Valeera Rober says, another good one I’m sure.

  24. jaw123456 Says:

    I could use some serious hilarity!!!! Maybe you should bring the book to Hawaii in person! Free place to stay? Do you take bribes? Major home school field trip – studying volcanoes and other geological wonders….Just thinking….

  25. rixgal Says:

    Cathy Hurt YOU ARE THE WINNER!

  26. rixgal Says:

    Thanks everyone, for playing and Happy Mother’s Day!

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