That is what I am perpetually learning right now…. sympathy.  Sympathy for those who have been injured.  Sympathy for those who require medication to get by.  Sympathy for those enduring physical therapy.  Sympathy for those without a vehicle to drive.  Sympathy for those who are not what they used to be.  Sympathy for those who are emotionally unstable and can’t tell you why.  Sympathy for those who don’t measure up to their own standards.  Sympathy for those who must repeatedly ask for assistance.  Sympathy for those in fear that things will never change.  Sympathy for those who have so many items on their “to do” list without the wherewithal to get even one done.  Sympathy for those who truly do need meals prepared and delivered to their kitchen table.  And sympathy for those who must live with others in these circumstances.

I guess you could say I was a tad lacking in the sympathetic realm before my car accident.  I believe I am on my way to coming full circle.

Writing is my love.  And when I find that I cannot write…. I miss myself.  I have missed laughing and playing games and sewing and painting with my water colors and chatting on the phone with my sister.  My creativity has been trumped by necessity.  And the necessities of my life have sadly dwindled.

But God is faithful and merciful and gracious and loving.  He does not give us more than we can handle with His help.  Sometimes, I believe, we get stuck in the rut of our cushy lives and need a bump into the gutter to see life as others see it.

We all need hope.  We all need faith.  For without faith, we perish.  Hug someone a little closer tonight.  Mention of few more names of needy friends in your bedtime prayers.  And thank God for another day when He has given you breath and you can serve Him.

There are no scribbles on the pages of tomorrow.  Choose joy.

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