The 2 a.m. Epiphany

The cause still escapes me in my current battle with sinus pressure.  Factors could include but are not limited to dry Arizona air, a low pressure system, irritatingly narrow sinus passages or simply the heat of summer.  So as the tightness in my cheeks, upper jaw, and lower forehead kept me from sleeping, I decided to embrace the solitude of an early morning blog time.


Of course, it was precipitated with a google search of “natural remedies for sinus pressure.”  As always, the answers were at my fingertips, thank you, google.  The initial article answered all of these heavy questions laying on my heart and on my sinus cavities.  And it was a list!  I love lists!  Here are the nine “natural” remedies for sinusitis.  You’re most welcome.

1.  Cool mist humidifier.  Duh!  There was one in the garage (that needed to be cleaned before usage) that is now spewing moist air to aid my husband’s restful slumber as I sit here in my green birthday chair.

2.  Neti Pot.  Yes, the gradual, gravity fed nasal rinse that sounds all glorious, but it made me cry two days ago as it gradually rinsed my nasal passage…. only from left to right.  Couldn’t get movement right to left.

neti pot

3.  Medicated nasal spray.  Duh!  Oh yeah.  The doctor prescribed this already…. (goes to the medicine cabinet and initiates medicated spray.)

4.  Saline spray.  As opposed to medicated nasal spray.  Didn’t use it…..yet.

5.  Natural oils.  Duh!  The chiropractor sold me this little bottle of nature just YESTERDAY.  I did apply this jewel of eucalyptus, almond, peppermint and lavender oil before going to bed… but at 2:13 a.m. I was vigorously massaging it over and under my eyes and into my temples.

6.  Vick’s vapor rub.  Duh!  In my bedside table… patiently waiting to be utilized in this war on facial pain.  Some was rubbed on my chest, some into the top of the humidifier, and some on the bottom of my feet.  I heard this works for coughs because your feet absorb concoctions so readily… why not try it for this too?

7.  Steam.   Well, I would try this, but after applying the other five remedies, I’m not sure if it is necessary.  Plus I awoke a sweaty mess from being too hot…. steam did not appeal to me in the dark of the night.

8.  Sudafed or other medication.  This was my first move when I realized sinus pain was winning out over sound sleep.

9.  Sinus flush.  This is similar to the neti pot, as you rinse your nasal passages, albeit with much more force than the gradual flow.  Ever feel like you were drowning?  That is how this beauty works.  I tried it yesterday after the neti pot half-success.  It made me cry worse than the neti pot.  Been giving it sinister stares ever since.

So, I’m smelling quite potent with all these ointments applied to my feet, face and chest.  My sinuses are clearing a bit.  The pain has lessened.  Too bad I’ll never know which natural remedy from the google list worked…. because I used most of them at once.  And I’m good with that.  This hasn’t been a lonely wee hours time as there is a Great Horned owl hoo hooting to keep me company.

Good night, faithful reader.  May you have uninterrupted blissful rest.


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