The Day I went MIA

As you may know from the last post, my sinuses have been giving me grief.  Add to that detox from pain meds and I’ve been a mess for a while… especially at night.  I’ve had the shakes, sweating, blurry vision, nausea and a pounding headache.  I can’t sleep due to 27 different reasons… none of them worthy… at all.  Last Saturday night, my head was aching so badly it hurt to lie down so I tried sleeping in the chair in our bedroom.  It worked off and on for a couple of hours, but my dear husband’s snoring was keeping me awake more than asleep.  Normally I wear earplugs and am blissfully ignorant of most nighttime occurrences, but even earplugs hurt.  At about 3:03 a.m., I remembered that our daughter was sleeping over at a friend’s house so I moved to her room and prayed that Jesus would knock me out with sweet sleep.  He did.  Thank you, Jesus.

I awoke at 8:24 a.m. to a relatively silent home…. not all that odd until I realized the only noise I could hear was the wiener dog’s tags jingling as he made his way upstairs.  Obviously there had been a breach of the doggy gate downstairs and Ringo was all over it.  Our dogs aren’t allowed upstairs unless they are getting a bath.  It was not bath day.  Quickly I realized no one else was home…. not even Nora, our nine year old.  Maybe they went out for breakfast.  So I had a leisurely breakfast, after I picked up all of my husband’s protein bars from his flight bag that were scattered all over the living room floor… with bite marks in them…. obviously from the AWOL dachshund.  I just put them back in the flight bag.  If my husband gets ring worm or rabies, at least I’ll know where it’s from.

Then I wandered back upstairs and turned on my cell phone.  There were five missed calls and eight messages.  Unusual for a Sunday morning.  I listened to the first voice message.  It was my mom, in a half-trembling voice pleading, “Call me.  We want to know where you are.”  And then similar messages from other family members.  Not knowing what was up, I called my mother and her first words (instead of “hello”) were, “WHERE ARE YOU?”  “I’m in my bedroom….. why?”  “Rick called us at 6:30 this morning asking if you were up here.  He couldn’t find you and doesn’t know where you are.”  This amused me.  I didn’t even realize I was missing!

About that time my husband, sons, daughter and a nephew pull up in front of the house and unloaded street hockey gear and 97 oz. slurpees from Circle K.  (Buckets of sugar…. gah~!)  The story unfolded as follows:  My hockey addicted husband awoke at 6:30 to go play street hockey with the boys, however, I was not in the bed next to him where he left me.  He searched through the house, even looking at me sleeping in our daughter’s bed (and thought it was her…. ok, we look NOTHING alike… AT ALL.) and couldn’t find me.  He thought that without me home, he needed to wake up our nine year old daughter and drag her to hockey. (I’m not sure why she couldn’t stay sleeping with her “sister” who was sleeping in the next room???)  As they were driving to hockey, one of the boys asked him where their oldest sister was and he answered in the affirmative that she had spent the night with a friend…. (so if she’s gone…. who’s in her bed????)  My dad even called Rick back and asked if our car was gone.  Rick said that it was because Larisa had a sleep over.  (So who’s in her bed?????)

My mother and God had two intense hours of intercession together.  She must have needed to increase her prayer life.

Rick’s explanation was that he knew I was “not myself” with the whole detox situation and figured I went for a walk at 6:30 a.m.  Never in my 47 years have I gone for a walk at 6:30 a.m., but then again, detox can make you do strange stuff.  He also explained how ticked-off he was at me for leaving Nora when they had a hockey game to go to!  I was trying not to get my feelings hurt as I realized I was missing in action, coming off pain meds, could have been wandering the streets in my nightgown and my husband and sons went to play hockey….. WHILE I WAS STILL MISSING! 

When Larisa returned and heard the whole story, she summarized it so perfectly.  “Dad, so you looked right at mom sleeping in my bed, but thought it was me, knowing that I was at Gabi’s, and you were mad at her for leaving the house, when this was all your fault?”  I just smiled my AWOL smile and hoped that I never do go missing.  Well, at least not on a day when there is a hockey game.


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