Double Whammie Day

Someday I knew both of these occurrences would occur, but to have them happen on the same day…. I probably should have bought my first lottery ticket (even though I don’t believe our money should go there.)

#1.  Larisa, Nora and I were at Walmart casually strolling the meat aisle when what to our wondering eyes should appear but a sample stand handing out candy!  Yes!  This is the ONLY reason I tolerate Halloween… free chocolate at Walmart.  So Larisa and I both reached for a bar of dark brown goodness and then Nora squeezed between us and took a box of Nerds.  As Nora grasped the purple box, the lady handing out the goods gets all flustered and says to her, “Who are you with? Where is your mother?  You can’t take one of these without your mother here!”  Good gravy.  There was no other living person within 35 feet of us.  I’m not sure where she thought Nora came from if she obviously didn’t arrive with us.  So many inappropriate lines went through my mind, but by God’s grace didn’t come out of my mouth for one of the first times EVER!  I smiled and said, “She belongs to me!”  Still all in a tizzy, the woman apologized and lamely said, “Oh, I need to get my glasses on.”  I told her that her glasses wouldn’t have helped in this case…. so we thanked her and walked off enjoying our free candy.

#2. I introduced myself to a sweet young teacher and I had to double-take and ask her to repeat her name… it was LARISA!  Her parents must have had the same goal as us…. that our children would never be able to buy an overpriced license at Disneyland with their name on it!

There you have it.  BAM!  Double BAM!


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