That’s a little weird!

My sleep, as well as my nasal passage breathing, has been disturbed for three nights now.  As I was staring at the ceiling in our dark bedroom way past midnight, I remembered something that I wanted to look up on the internet.  I wasn’t sleeping anyway… why not be productive?  Anyway, in my searching I came across this disturbing photo:

uh oh

Yes, that’s my name… all spelled correctly and everything.  Not super-duper uncommon with names like Linda and Ann and Crosby.  Then I glanced at the date.  She was born the day after me, albeit 18 years earlier.  What are the chances of finding some gem like this on the web???  Pretty good, obviously, if your name is Linda Ann Crosby.

For the record, Rickey Crosby, I’m hoping for a much more flamboyant grave marker.  Something like a metal etching of me laughing or some other such nonsense that will bring a smile to faces when they happen upon this.  I know… morbid.  But if we can’t laugh in the face of death, what can we laugh at?  Well, lots actually, but that’s for another time.

Sleep well! (And let me know what you find on the web that’s strange and unusual, please!)

One Response to “That’s a little weird!”

  1. Lisa D. Says:

    Linda, I swear, only you could find something this weird. And it is weird!!! You definitely need something more flamboyant for your final resting place.

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