Miss Potter Strikes Again

If you have been around MySister’sJar for any length of time longer than three days, you are probably aware of my fascination with the movie Miss Potter.  I  L O V E  it.  That is all.

All around me little hints of my favorite film show up to bring a smile to my heart if not also to my face.  A wooden hedgehog in a craft store yesterday.  My watercolor paint brushes standing lonely in a smudged jar.  A vintage, faded-yellow-with-time envelope that was mailed to my grandmother in 1928.  A stuffed Peter Rabbit in his blue jacket with brass buttons in TJ Maxx.  Everywhere.  Even at the river last Monday.  I took a picture of my shadow because it reminded me of Beatrix.

Verde River 012

I imagined Beatrix saying her first lines from the movie, “There’s something delicious about writing the first words of a story.  You never quite know where they’ll take you.  Mine took me here….” as she was sitting beside crystal blue water in the Lake District.  Here she is wearing the outfit for my shadow:

miss potter dress and hat

Okay, it was mostly the hat, but it DID remind me of my fellow author/artist/lover-of-nature bosom friend, a couple generations removed.  My nature journal brings joy to my soul.  I cannot draw nearly as well as Beatrix, but it is inspiring to try.  The smell of the eraser.  The rainbow of colored pencil crayons in the RIGHT order in my prisma-color box. The challenge of copying some little tidbit that God created in nature for US!  Yes, for us to admire and marvel at… and draw in our nature journals.  :o)

Do you have a favorite movie that shines reminders to you everywhere?

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5 Responses to “Miss Potter Strikes Again”

  1. rixgal Says:

    So apropos that Miss Potter was my 900th blog. Long live Beatrix!

  2. Debbie Says:

    WOW! 900 blogs! Beatrix would be proud of you, and honored, too. ♥

  3. Lynnette Says:

    Edward Sissorhand! Don’t ask me why, but it comforted me after my Dad passed. Often, I think I am a small Nettie Sissorhand, when I trim the plants in the yard. I am always pleased with my job!
    I loved the colors and weird humor.

  4. Star Forbis Says:

    There are so many Movies I Love & quote non stop! :) Thanks for stopping by my Blog! I read yours from time to time to keep up! :)

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