Milestone Day at the Homestead

My little Colombian princess went to the movies last night with her Daddy.  Bedtime was delayed almost two hours from the usual schedule!  This little girl sleeps 10 1/2 to 11 hours EVERY NIGHT!  It is God’s little gift to ME!  But, as we have experienced, she doesn’t do well with LESS than 10 hours of sleep. Tiredness makes her moody and sassy.  If there’s one thing this mama don’t want is more sass in the house. ‘Nough said.

This year is an adjustment to our whole household as son #2’s band class got moved to first hour at the local high school.  Yes, we still homeschool, but homeschool marching band doesn’t exist so he goes to Wind Ensemble every blinkin’ morning at 7:45.  Last year I had to wake up at 8:15 to get him to second hour band…. this year will be interesting, for sure.

More back story.  Our little princess had a few previous issues with being left alone so we have made sure that she is NEVER by herself… ever. She is 11 years old and very responsible, but we wanted to make sure she always felt safe with us.  This past summer is the first time I left her alone at the house while I took her brothers and their friends up to go swimming… two miles away. She rolled her chocolate eyes at me and assured me that she would be fine by herself with the dogs and chickens.  She was.  When I returned eight minutes later I asked her if she looked out the front window.  “I did! Because I wanted to check if you were really going to leave me or not.”  hahahaha.

Remember the slumbering princess this morning?  Well, I decided to leave her having visions of sugarplums in her head instead of waking her up for the drive to school.  This is the first time I have left her alone without telling her first.  I put this note on the dirty bathroom mirror:

note to nora 002

As I suspected, she didn’t even wake up until 8:55.  But I forgot to take down the note.  DOH! Thankfully I was talking on the phone and she knew I was there before she read the news of my abandoning her.  Whew!  Catastrophe averted.


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2 Responses to “Milestone Day at the Homestead”

  1. Colleen Brown Says:

    Band for us starts at 7 AM 35 minutes from home (I can’t believe I agreed to this bit I’m a sucker for big blue eyes). My 12 year old is fine being left alone but for whatever reason he has always had a huge issue if he doesn’t find me where he expects to-caused immediate panic when he was younger-but that’s another story. The first day of school (yesterday) he forgot his schedule, so I dropped him off at the band room and told him I would print it out in the library and meet him at 7:55. Well I found the schedule in the car but he was not there at 7:55. When I found him in the library, he said “Mom, how come you weren’t there at 7:45?” “Uhhh..when does your class get out?” “7:55. But he let us out early.” I guess I was just supposed to know that! Anyway, first two days of band have been a success :)

  2. rixgal Says:

    Awesome! We need to read their minds too! :o) Band, in my humble opinion, is SOOOO worth it!

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