One More Little Addition…..

The Before and After Living Room Make Over is so getting close to being done. (My husband thinks it IS done… so this is top secret.) I have fabric and pillow forms to make three more pillows: two for the matching white chairs and one for the bench in the entry. The entry seems stark to me. A little skinny plant stand with a green plant would be so perfect on the far side of the bench. (Remember… shhhhhh.) AND the stairwell never got its second coat of paint. The cutting in is not done at the top of the two story wall in the stairwell either. So my display of large family portraits in black frames that is to hang in the stairwell is still sitting in a pile upstairs… waiting for paint.




ottoman project 054

The only items I kept were the white chairs. Even though it’s not totally done, I love sitting in there and it makes me happy when I come down the stairs each morning. LOVE.

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