Two-and-a-Half Months of Bliss (with some sorrow thrown in)

Somewhere I read once that you should spread out high-stress situations in your life. Albeit happy stress, we weren’t able to spread out AT ALL this summer. Since May 21st, our family has participated in, put-on, or partied at the following activities:

1. Graduation – that I’m in charge of…. 2,500 people in attendance.

2. Wedding – our lovely daughter, who wanted to be married in California. (It’s a tad warm in AZ in the summer.)


3. Funeral – a life-long friend’s mother. Sad.

4. Arizona Homeschool Convention – I only spoke six times. Whew.

5. The Colombian Princess’ golden birthday celebration. (12 on the 12th!)

wedding 020

6. The Arizona wedding reception for our married kids, John and Larisa.

7. Two VBS’s. (Can I get an amen?)

8.  Baby Shower!  So darling!  A friend’s first grandbaby is coming!

9.  School Switch-Up. This was unexpected and a month earlier than planned. August was supposed to be my month off, but no. We will start school on August 3rd. It’s not what I planned. It’s not what I want. But we will make it work with God’s help.

If you still have a month off, enjoy it for me, please. Relax. Read some good books. Play lots of games. Sit by the sea. Paint a few watercolors. Bake some delicious cookies. Eat watermelon. And R.E.S.T. in my absence.

2 Responses to “Two-and-a-Half Months of Bliss (with some sorrow thrown in)”

  1. Brenda Herring Says:

    Linda, my friend! I’ve always been a busy girl but you make me feel lazy in comparison! That being said, you are certainly using your gifts to touch so many lives in so many ways for The Lord ‘s glory! May HE bless you beyond your imagination and even give you a little rest along the way! 😊 Brenda H

  2. Lynnette Says:

    Breathe often and deeply!

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