Another Teenage Son Laundry Tale of Woe

Last night it was 11:45 when I was putting the dog in her kennel in the laundry room, and I noticed the washer was full of my eldest son’s clothes….. that would be smelly by morning if they weren’t transferred to the dryer. So being the nice mom that I am, I threw them all in the dryer, added a few bounce sheets (it is my eldest son after all) and pushed the magic button for him. (Mother-of-the-Year award coming my way… oh yeah.)

This is my industrious son who is up before dawn working his landscaping business. The son I hardly ever see any more. And a few things came to mind that I’ve been meaning to ask him…. but like I said, I hardly ever see him. So I wrote this note and stuck it on the bathroom mirror at midnight. (Why use a whole piece of paper when there are 7/8 pieces available?)

note 003

In case you can’t read it, I asked him to put the phone charger back in my van, return the electric razor from his friend’s house so I can cut his dad’s hair and to get his clothes out of the dryer.  BAM!

Think you can hide from your mother by leaving the house before she opens her eyeballs!?!?  Wrong again, young Skywalker.

My hardworking son returned from work at noon today and started pulling his clothes out of the dryer. (Good!) Then he proceeded to take three pair of very-wrinkled-but-clean-pants fresh from the dryer to the backyard. I followed along at a distance because I never know what this kid is up to. With the three pair of clean pants thrown on the dirty patio, he turned on the hose and blasted them.

First off, I never realized he actually cared if his clothes were wrinkled. Huh! Second, he picked up the sopping pile of now-dirty-again-pants and acted like he was going to walk through my kitchen with them dripping filthy water on my tile floor. He did it to get a rise out of me and I simply stood and stared at Captain Funny Pants. We both knew he wouldn’t do it because then I would make him mop the floor. Ain’t happnin.

And who would think of hosing your clean pants on the dust-blown patio???  We ain’t po folk! We have sinks in various locations throughout the house that are reasonably clean. AND the washer has a spin cycle…….. but I digress.

He squeezed and rolled and wrung out the pants to a level of wetness that was still too soggy in my opinion, and headed back to the laundry room. He knew enough to turn the heat up on the dryer, but he set the timer to 20 minutes. I’m pretty sure the pants would be dry quicker outside today as it’s 113 degrees in Phoenix. When the timer went off, being the nice mom that I am, I added another 30 minutes to ensure dry britches.

Chances are really good that he will forget the second-time-dried-pants that are probably a bit dirty now…. and they will be wrinkly again in an hour. It’s just a hunch on my part, and I’m not a betting woman, but I would lay down a few Ben Franklin’s on this young buck wearing not-smooth-looking-pants for the next week.

Hey, I’m thankful he knows how to do laundry! But then again, I’m the nice mom. I taught him everything he knows!

(((Oh, the dryer buzzer just went off. He’s napping. I’m the nice mom. Headed into the laundry room.)))

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