Address, please? (Vol. 2)

December, five months after the initial address change snafu … I received an email from AFHE. The next issue of the magazine was returned too. (I looked up snafu for you to let you know exactly how appropriate it is for this time: a badly confused or ridiculously muddled situation. See?)

This time I dialed the USPS number and waited on hold for 27 minutes. (No lie! There’s a reason that is my favorite number!) I filed a complaint: although we are now receiving our letters and bills, we are not receiving magazine subscriptions. I was informed that someone would contact me within 24-72 hours.

It was actually 75 hours before I was contacted, but I’ll cut them some slack at Christmas time because I’m nice like that. However, the 75 hours landed exactly when I was the first person in the very long line of impatiently waiting customers at the ROSS check out line. Of course it did.

People who talk on the phone in public places irk me. And now I am one. How could I not answer? “Hello?” (No eye contact was made with other Christmas shoppers. At all.)

“Next, please!” I pushed my bulging cart to the teller’s counter, emptied the contents in front of the register and proceeded to ignore her until she handed me a receipt. People who do that irk me too. I apologize, nice ROSS checker girl. If only you understood debit card purgatory mixed with address change hell.

On another note, my old debit card that the bank says is discontinued is still working and the new debit card with the chip still doesn’t work. At least I have that snafu outsmarted …. for the moment.

The phone conversation in short: a kind government employee from USPS in Oklahoma informed me that there is no trace of any Rick, Linda, Austin, Keeve or Nora Crosby associated with any address in the Oklahoma system. SURE! Then where are my HGTV magazines going???

Please stay tuned for what I pray is the last installment in this saga of address change hell.


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