Throw Back Thursday


If there is one picture of the Crosby family that sings “Homeschoolers R Us” … THIS IS IT!

The whole set up makes me laugh. I believe this was 2002 or 2003, back when I only had three kids. The electricity was out in our neighborhood, so we all climbed into my daughter’s bed to stay warm and to read Julie of the Wolves. You can imagine how cold it was in Phoenix, Arizona! FREEZING! (I still cannot believe that I lived for three years in Fort Vermilion, Alberta, Canada. Look it up!) To top off the homeschoolish vibe, we are all still donning our jammies. Perfection! This is what all the neighbors think we do every day… and we finally did it!

The climax of the picture for me is my nine-year-old son, Austin, KNITTING! Just brings a smile to my mama-of-boys face. Larisa and I decided it was necessary to our existence to learn how to knit. So we did what every good homeschooler in the early 2000’s did, we went to the library and checked out a book on knitting for dummies. That was so yesterday. Today we google it.

We found a book with good instructional pictures and we were off and running with needles clicking away. Then Austin decided since he played hockey, he should be able to knit his own toque. (That’s a ski hat in Canadian language.) He was a quick study with needle crafts as he is quite talented with anything having to do with his hands. A true hands-on learner! Made this mama proud, my son creating clothing for himself for chilling times to come.

My favorite part of his knitting adventure was when he asked if he could bring his knitting TO THE AIRPORT when we were going to pick up his father. “Oh sure, honey! You bet you can!” was my sinister reply because I knew this would make my manly-hockey-playing-hair-on-his-chest husband cringe.

It worked. (Nerds R Us!)

From the beginning of time, by that I mean 1993 when I bore my first child, I decided that my kids would all learn to take care of themselves whether it be in a household, the forest wilderness or when a flat tire introduces an opportunity to grow! Never in my planning-ahead mind did I add knitting to the list, but I see now that I should have had broader horizons for my sons. This homeschool thing is a learning game for ALL of us!

4 Responses to “Throw Back Thursday”

  1. Linda Owens Says:

    I enjoy your stories, Linda! You are such a good writer and your sense of humor is so witty and keeps me laughing! Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with us…. It’s a blessing to us to get a glimpse inside the life of you and your beautiful family! Love love LOVE this picture!!!

    • rixgal Says:

      Thank you for your note, Linda. My gift from God is to make people laugh and I’m glad it’s working! Bless you!

  2. Alan Says:

    Wait… Knitting is a homescool “go to craft/lesson”?
    I thought tiedye was more the “go to craft/lesson”!
    I dont recall my boys learning to knit, but tiedye crafts left their “mark” several times in that homeschooling household! (Tiedye powder can be really staining!)

    • rixgal Says:

      Oh yeah, we tie dyed too. We did it outside, on the side of the house where no one goes… in the dirt.

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