Land of 10,000 Lakes & 10,000 Laughs

Late Sunday night I returned from speaking at the Minnesota homeschool convention exhausted and contented after being inspired by 4,000+ homeschool peeps looking to do the best for their kids. So many young families! So many large families filling their quivers with arrows for the battle to come. It truly inspired me. Truly!

Previously I have spoken in my other homeland, Canada, which borders Minnesota to the north (in case you went to public school!), and foolishly I assumed the folks in the North Star State might be a bit reserved and not highly responsive as an audience. Oh, was I ever off base in that assumption. They are my new favorite people on planet earth. The whole planet. Truly. (With the exception of my other favorite people.)

The adventure started with my side-kick, Nancy, and myself trying to check-in to the wrong hotel. That was fun. They had the same name…. kind of… with the exception of several words. But still. I wasn’t totally out to lunch. Two words were the same! CANAL PARK. Bam. I’m not completely losing it. (yet.)

canal park

Upon arriving at the correct hotel, __________  __________ Canal Park, I went inside to check in while our chauffeur helped unload our bags onto the luggage cart… on their wheels. Not the smartest move in the Midwest. My side-kick then proceeded to drive the cart with the rolly suitcases to the very far away ramp that led to the front door where I was impatiently waiting. Behind a large hedge out of my view, it seems the suitcases rolled right off the cart. Each suitcase, by the way, weighed 50 lbs. on the dot. It took her FOREVER to reload!

When the cart eventually arrived at the double doors, I set down my very heavy bag of water bottles and Coke Zero to aid Nancy with maneuvering the cart through the doors. Thankfully there was a stranger among us who saved the very heavy bag of beverages from being run over by the cart when we eventually got it through the doors.

Whew. The elevator ride was painless. The walk down the hall to our room was not. Half way between rooms 320 and 352, the very heavy drink bag became too heavy for me. Without any warning at all, I set it down and announced that I was indeed done carrying it. Sweet little Nancy, the ever-loving problem solver, replied, “Here, I’ll move my computer bag from this hook and we’ll hang it up there.”

Sounds all easy peasy, but no. Nancy is not tall. I knew I couldn’t lift the bag up to the 5’6″ hook, and I am nine inches taller than Nancy. But she had this solution stuck in her head as she grabbed the very heavy bag and proceeded to lift it up to 5’0″ and there it froze in mid-air at the end of her arm reach. We both burst out laughing. The bag once again landed on the floor.

While we were trying to recover from hysterics, a family began emerging from the room we were right in front of. Of course they did. Immediately we both bent down to pick up the beverage bag and scoot out of the way, but we slammed our foreheads together and the laughter erupted to an even greater magnitude than the short little arm display. Perfect. The strangers moved around us because it was obvious that we were crazy and incoherent and not moving and quite possibly recent escapees from an insane asylum.

And the MACHE conference only got better from there! Imagine the joy and laughter!


10 Responses to “Land of 10,000 Lakes & 10,000 Laughs”

  1. Nancy Manos Says:

    I’m still laughing so hard tears are blurring my vision! Thankfully no damage to our noggins. It really was a delightful weekend. Glad I could be your sidekick at the MACHE conference in Duluth! You bring laughter and encouragement everywhere you go!

  2. piecefulwendy Says:

    You two are, hands down, two of my favorite people. Thanks for the fun trip. I’ll be working on my chauffering skills. Now that I know how to properly load a baggage cart. ;-) This will make me smile all through the day. :-)

    • rixgal Says:

      Nancy and I had a meeting today and she cleared up some of the story I had incorrect. The baggage never fell off the cart. Her shoe kept falling off as she maneuvered the cart. Still, she took FOREVER! Thank you again for your superb chauffeuring skills!

      • piecefulwendy Says:

        Well, good to know. The whole episode still makes me chuckle. Let’s do it again soon.

  3. Jacqueline Di Giacomo Says:

    Linda, I love your sense of humor! Oh, and “yes”, I know where Minnesota and Canada are, in spite of the fact that I attended California public schools. The fact that I graduated US in 1975 may explain the quality of education!
    Love you, girl!

    • rixgal Says:

      I was public-schooled too until high school, but I have been re-educated while homeschooling! Love you too!

  4. Jennifer Wiechman Says:

    Once again, you had me laughing with one of your stories! If I would have been there, I would have literally been rolling on the floor laughing!!! Thank you for gracing the Land of 10,000 Lakes with 10,000 laughs! You have a new fan in me! Thanks! Jen (the one with the spikey hair who’s new to homeschooling and in Co-op with Ruth B,)

    • rixgal Says:

      Thank you, Jen. It was so good to meet you and hear about your journey with your son. Enjoy your journey!

  5. Courtney Says:

    I just wanted to let you know I was so blessed to hear you speak!! You gave me a HUGE ahhha moment, that has allowed me to focus and be happy about starting my journey of homeschooling my son instead of petrified and wondering what God was thinking calling me to homeschool. I loved your humor and your rational explanations!! Thank you!!!

  6. Chanda Says:

    I loved hearing you speak at the Mache conference! Thank you so much for bringing smiles and encouragement to all of us in MN.

    And I had to tell you after reading this, that we totally did the exact same thing with our hotel too! And we go to Duluth atleast once a year! I sent my husband in to check us in while I waited with the baby in the car. He worked hard to convince the front desk person that we did in fact have a reservation. Finally (after several minutes of confusion) he conceded that he would just have to get the email confirmation from his wife in the car. I looked it up on my phone, and yep….I had sent him in to the wrong hotel! Oops!

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