May 21st! The END…. sort of…

School is kind of “out for the summer” but in a different way than with my usual end-of-May homeschool mama joy and celebration. There was no counting down the days this year.

We have learned that some of the Colombian Princess’s challenges with memory are due to vast breaks in education… you know, like summer. So in a much diminished fashion, we are schooling a few days a week while home this summer, just to keep the pump primed. She was not real thrilled about this news, and I couldn’t let her know that I was not real thrilled about it either. Someone has to be excited about education… and it SHOULD be the teacher in most cases.

So now the home front needs some love and attention. In case anyone wonders what the Crosbys are doing for the next three months, get out your notepads and pencils… here you go:

  1. We bought a stand up deep freeze to put in the garage.
  2. Cleaning out the garage so we can fit in the stand up deep freeze.
  3. Buying a shed to put the stuff that doesn’t need to be in the garage somewhere else. (Does the cost of the shed and deep freeze justify the savings on large quantities of meat? I’m not sure.)
  4. Hauling junk from the side yard to the dump so we can put a shed in the side yard. (Is anyone besides me thinking of “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?”)
  5. Switching Austin’s and Nora’s bedrooms. (Austin gets the yellow room with the flowers and butterflies around the top of the walls! Oh goody!) This is happening because my niece from Maui is coming to live with us on the mainland for a bit… sharing the BIG room with Nora.
  6. Picking up a room divider from a generous friend for the BIG room.
  7. Gathering and selling an enormous amount of American Girl doll paraphernalia that is no longer played with. (She will be 13 years old in two months…. I feel there are a few more years to play with dolls…. because she is my baby girl after all.)
  8. Selling the cute white dresser from the yellow room. (Wide is no longer cool when you share a room. Tall is where it’s at.)
  9. Selling all the cutesy little girl purple and lime green room decor. (Awwwww.)
  10. Borrowing a single bed from my brother’s house. The BIG room is only so BIG.
  11. Cleaning out the master closet. (I am going to start this today as soon as this blog is finished.  Blogcrastination is what that is called.) I mean TOTALLY cleaning it out. It’s been 12 years since we’ve seen the walls and back carpet in there. Don’t judge. If there is dust lining the shoulders on top of the hanger marks, Rickey, it’s leaving.
  12. Buying #2 new door handle and bolt lock for the front door. My first attempt was feeble even though the lame wrong size handle is on the door right now. It looks like Billy-Bob came by and changed it for us. Wrong size… with a screw hole two inches below the handle. Dumb.

I’m hoping to have this all done by next week. I know that will not happen, but I am a positive thinker! Where are my minions?

Enjoy your summer, peeps!  Let me know what projects you have going on! I need some company.

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5 Responses to “May 21st! The END…. sort of…”

  1. Julie Trebing Says:

    Hi! Congratulations on being “finished” ..!!

    I’m sitting in a hotel room in GA right now (here for a college friends’ daughter’s wedding), and I’m contemplating this very thing. This is what I came up with:

    * paint /trim my master bathroom
    * fortify and recover my dining room chairs
    * secure a driver’s license for my son, who is chomping at the bit!
    * secure a location for the rehearsal dinner * * * * secure the caterer
    * help with whatever wedding stuff trickles down to me — (it’s weird being the mother of the groom).
    * find a mother-of-the-groom dress, and…
    * lose 25 pounds
    OH! …THEN…. Find a mother-of-the-groom dress!

    That’s enough for now.
    Miss you !

  2. Stacey Sugata Says:

    I love this for so many reasons! One, because we are also doing school this summer and it’s nice to be reminded that we are not alone. Two, we have some random yard rearranging going on this summer as well. Josh is actually taking some days off work for it. We’re committed, LOL! Three, with two small girls I am drooling over the thought of your American girl sale! And last, but not least…. Amen to the dust shoulders on the clothes comment!! I have to admit, we have our fair share of that going on in our closets. ;) I wish you luck in accomplishing your list this Summer. Oh, and by the way, there is nothing better than having a freezer stocked full of meat if you ask me. :) Sadly, ours is low and in need of another cow.

    • rixgal Says:

      I loved this message! Thanks for reading. I am on day #5 of closet overhaul. The closet looks fantastic, but there’s all this junk left over…..

  3. Star Forbis Says:

    I say keep the American Girl Dolls! My girls are 18 & still have theirs! Someday their kids will play with them! <3

  4. rixgal Says:

    Star, she did keep one. :o)

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