2016 Arizona Homeschool Convention

2001 was my first experience with a homeschool convention as we were embarking on this crazy and rewarding choice to educate our kids at home. My inaugural entry into the exhibit hall brought on anxiety and trepidation… it was HUGE! How was I supposed to narrow down what curriculum I needed from the 27,000 choices? And yes, I cried … just a little. I never did find a grammar program… so I didn’t do grammar that first year. It’s all good. Really.

Also, that year, I was unaware of the seminars that were going on on the other side of the wall. How did I miss this?  I don’t know. But year two when I found them it was like opening a Christmas gift in a new room every hour!

2016 is my fourth or fifth year speaking at the Arizona conference. What a joy and a blessing to share my homeschooling passion with newbies and oldbies. All of my mistakes give people hope. If I can do this, anyone can do this!

2016 afhe

The 2016 REPORT

Never have I given a report, but I feel it is necessary this year. Soon you will know why.

Thursday there was a free mini conference for interested folks who are trying to decide if homeschooling is for them. My session was called Homeschool 101 and gave the info needed for teaching your kids in Arizona. The law. The requirements. The freedom. This was my fourth or fifth time giving this talk and I was feeling rather confident about my 45 minutes of responsiblity. However, after I brought up my PowerPoint and discovered my notes for that talk were not in my binder, my confidence waned a tad. I immediately pictured the stack of notes on my dresser waiting for the three-hole punch. Dang it!

Going with the flow is a necessary skill for homeschool moms… and it came in handy at that moment. I moved the laptop so I could read it a bit more clearly and embarked on my first seminar where I was shooting straight from the hip. Lord, help me! Usually this talk is full of information without much room for entertaining Crosby stories of things my children have done to me. This time, however, I told plenty of stories and still wonder what I left out! (I apologize, Thursday peeps!)

Friday my first seminar was Getting Started, which is the longer version of Homeschool 101. I did have notes I needed, and you may be asking yourself, “Why didn’t you use those notes yesterday?” Good question. They don’t follow the powerpoint and I would have looked confused. I’m all about what I look like. Bwahahahaha! No, really.

Usually at Getting Started on Friday I make an announcement before I begin telling folks who came to the Thursday talk to go hear another seminar…. I didn’t this time. I thought there might be pertinent information that I skipped. Better safe than sorry.

At the end of Getting Started, I figured out that my zipper on my pants was down the entire time. Thankfully I was wearing a shirt that covered this breezy are of my outfit.

Then came my initial delivery of a new seminar titled Using Art Across the Curriculum. Twenty minutes before this seminar I was handed a brief from the Phoenix Police that I was to familiarize myself with so I could make an announcement at the beginning of the seminar. I obeyed. (There was a hoax protest planned for downtown Phoenix.) But then I was almost late for my seminar. I scrambled in there and got set up with two minutes to spare. Perfect…. except that I needed to go to the bathroom. There wasn’t time. I honestly prayed, “Dear Jesus, please don’t let me pee my pants in front of all these nice folks. Amen.”

All went well until half way through the seminar I resorted to crossing my legs and squeezing tightly all the while praying that I could hold it. I tried to make it look casual by propping my crossed foot up on my toes. OHMYSTARS! I seriously had all these thoughts while giving my art seminar:

I am getting old and half to wear Depends now when I talk.

I swear I will never EVER skip the bathroom again before I speak.

Those dang protesters are getting all up in my business!

I could cut this short and no one would know. Just turn off the computer now.

What do I do if I really do pee my pants?

I could knock over my water bottle at the same time…… or the pitcher of water! Yes!

Thankfully, I survived with my bladder and dignity intact.

My lone Saturday talk and final seminar was Ideas for Planning and Scheduling. Again, I’ve delivered this info several times. It’s a fun seminar… because I made it fun by adding pictures of 1970s and 80s TV shows. It was a boring presentation until I included the Beaver, Richie, the Fresh Prince, Mork and Gilligan. Unfortunately, when I turned on my computer it was updating. WHAT!? You know, the update that says “1 of 3 updates complete. Do not turn off your computer.” The one that takes 30 minutes. I mildly freaked out. Thankfully I had gone to the little ladies room or there would have been an issue right then and there on the floor. The whole seminar consisted of showing planning and scheduling ideas…. in pictures… on the screen. Fourth seminar prayer, “Oh dear baby Jesus, I need help again!”

Greg, the faithful AV man showed up and tried to resuscitate my laptop to no avail. He then asked if I had the seminar saved in cyberspace. Thank GOD! I had emailed all the seminars to myself when I completed the PowerPoints. He brought in his computer and SAVED MY BACON! Whew. And we even started really close to on time. Thank you, Greg!

So that is how the 2016 Arizona Families for Home Education Convention went for me. See? Anyone can homeschool!

How did it go for you? Hopefully less eventful than my rendition!

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10 Responses to “2016 Arizona Homeschool Convention”

  1. Melissa Meacham Says:

    I’m dying! I so wish I could have seen you live this year, but my 7mo is REALLY loud. It’s probably because he has to be in order to be heard above the noisy chaos in our home. Maybe next year?

  2. heatherhaupt Says:

    Oh the things that can go through one’s mind while you are doing something completely different. Been there on most of these and “laughing” because I’m so thankful this was you and not me this time! :)

  3. Brandi K. Says:

    Hilarious. Thank you so much for sharing that!

  4. Kristen Bukowski (Jones) Says:

    Oh my goodness, you made our weekend! I knew you as a Moezart mom, but not a speaker. You’re hilarious. And we really needed to laugh at that point! My hubby and I so enjoyed your sessions. I’m sorry I didn’t get around to introducing you, but hopefully next year ;-)

  5. Beverly Shaler Says:

    This was my first year as a mom and I enjoyed your Thursday talk, it was great to hear the stories of all your kids learning styles. And your Saturday talk was great to- I needed to see the different ways to keep myself organized as I venture into this new chapter of life. Thank you for helping make the convention possible for all us new to homeschool moms!

  6. Megan Allison Says:

    Urination issues must have been the enemy’s choice of attack this year. Wednesday before Convention, I started an antibiotic for a UTI. I am now on my 3rd antibiotic (nothing has worked so far). Friday morning I prayed that God would just allow me to go for a little bit to convention. I went for half the day. I missed hearing you in person Linda, but have felt like I need to pee every second for several days now! I wholly sympathize but with less humor, ha. Convention was excellent.

    • rixgal Says:

      Oh my word! I’m so sorry. I pray you heal soon! I’m glad you were able to go for at least half a day!

    • christinecmitchell Says:

      Megan, maybe this is too much info. If so I apologize. For the repeated uti’s, there’s a strong chance you have “candida”. Google it. The best way to cure it is to starve the candida by following a, temporary, strict food plan. I love the candida cleanse. Btw, antibiotics will just make the uti come back again if it’s not followed with probiotics. Hope this is helps!

  7. Liz O Says:

    I LOVED your seminars! I laughed and cried all at once. I laughed because I related so well and cried because I was glad I was not the only one in similar situation. I so appreciated your words of wisdom. You helped light the fire that I needed after homeschooling for 2 years and were a complete answer to prayers. Thanks for a great weekend!

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